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        Truth: 67% of small business fails for frustratingly simple reasons. We help companies avoid those mistakes, and guide them how to rapidly & deliberately grow their business from a simple wage replacement, into a thriving enterprise that allows them to enjoy life the way it's supposed to be.

        Our team has built and sold numerous Australian enterprises and consolidated that knowledge into easy-to-absorb formats that range from on-demand films, to personalised 1-on-1 advice.

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      • Learn how to scale your business the right way
      • Focus your time & resources to the 'hot spots'
      • Shift your mindset to set large goals
      • Implement your business rythms
      • Get noticed in a crowded marketplace
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        “We help established Businesses grow”

        OUR PRODUCTS our products

        Designed For Rapid Business Growth

        Business community that provides support and advice along the way. At every level it's designed
        to be easy to absorb and implement, driving maximum impact and rapid growth.

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        Start-up To Success

        30-day program

        Who is it for? Have an idea? Looking to start a business? Overwhelmed on how to go about it?

        Follow the Navig8Biz Team create a business from scratch from ideation, planning, implementation to launch. This 30-day program includes every secret you need to turn your start-up into a successful business.

      • Translate a skill into a business
      • Tap into your ‘Why’
      • Understand your market and position
      • Build a scalable business
      • Implement our proven business formula
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        8 week program

        Who is it for? Rapid Growth Workshop - For 1+ year companies

        A dedicated 8 week bootcamp that steps you through analysing & planning your business growth. Led by business experts you'll gain clarity and adjust your attention to focus on high-value items that will remove friction and generate rapid growth

      • Deep analysis of your business
      • Focus time & resources to the 'hot spots'
      • Remove frustration, improve process & gain clarity
      • Guarantee. If you don't like the first week, get your money back.
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        1:1 Business Mentoring

        Who is it for? Business Owners At All Stages

        The single best investment you can make. A personalised coach to analyse your business, focus your attention & provide dedicated and personalised recommendations and resources for rapid growth.

      • Dedicated mentoring & accountability coaching
      • Solve the 'impossible' problems & invisible growth inhibitors
      • Gain access to invaluable knowledge & resources
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        Mastermind Annual Event

        Who is it for? Business Owners Who Enjoy Networking

        These special annual events are designed to work with other business owners, sharing experiences and creating mutually beneficial relationships. Business is easier when you have cross-discipline partners to share the journey with.

      • Establish strong relationships with other business owners
      • Be informed & inspired as industry leaders and role models discuss all facts of business
      • Meet the Co-Founders in person
      • bizflix

        The ultimate business
        mentoring hub 24/7. 365.

        Gain access to hundreds of step-by-step business advice tutorials, designed to answer tough questions, and show you how to overcome the mistakes holding back your business.


        “We help START UPS BECOME







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        Navig8Biz Tool Bundles

      • Range of tools and resources across all facets of business
      • Imbedded video on why you need them and how to use
      • Editable templates to implement in your business
      • Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legacy and the rest
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        Bullet-proof Your Business Webinar

      • Redefine your financial strategy.
      • Readjust your focus.
      • Identify your areas of weakness and find solutions.
      • Remove the fear.
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        BizTime Management Kit

      • Take control of your time
      • Recoup time
      • Get the Navig8Biz planner
      • Time Budget tool
      • WHY NAVIG8BIZ?

        Expert Business Guidance

        Expert Business Guidance

        Avoid being part of the 67% of companies that fail, or worse, working 100 hour weeks to replace the wage you use to earn in 40. Our team removes this risk, and makes business growth easy:

      • Personalised step-by-step advice
      • On-demand access to world-class resources
      • Access to our network of expert business strategists
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        Inspirational leadership and experienced Business Coaches


        Navig8Biz was established by renowned business identities Joanne Brooks & Nick Barnsdall. Leveraging their extensive network of highly successful business owners and mentors, Navig8Biz condenses the lessons for Australia's most successful companies into step-by-step guides for small business at any level!


        If your question isn't listed here, click through to the enquiry page and
        ask us directly. Our team will respond as a priority!

        Who is Navig8Biz?

        We are:

        • An online business community
        • Empowering business owners
        • A gateway for connections and collaborations
        • Providing empathy, guidance, and support
        • Offering innovative learning experiences
        • Creating momentum for those in business
        • Inclusive and diverse
        • Experienced and wise

        I don’t have enough time to do the bootcamp

        We have heard this many times. If a task, project, education course is important enough to you and the business most people will make time. So firstly, think about the impact of the task, project, course will have on the business. If the impact is significant enough you will find the time.

        We believe that business owners need to take control of their time and we share this concept with our clients in all our programs.

        This is a platform that looks like Netflix, and just like Netflix the amount of time you spend in BizFlix is totally up to you.

        Your commitment will be determined to the change you want to make in your business. You decide.

        We deliver a weekly webinar of 1 ½ hours per week and are in communication each and every day for 56 days.

        It’s called a bootcamp for a reason – there is work to be done, just like your personal trainer will expect of you.

        What are your goals, what do you expect to change in your business?
        When you know what you need to do will determine how much time.

        Always, you have the option to purchase the recordings anytime from our product page. Navig8Biz – Shop

        All personal information is stored in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) with password and security level protected.

        We do not share your information with any third-party connection unless we have your express written acknowledgement.

        For our higher valued program, yes, we do. Simply call Joanne or Nick to discuss.

        You can.

        If an annual subscription we will provide a pro-rata refund of the time remaining.
        If a monthly subscription, simply cancel at any time.

        No, you can’t, however you can view the videos at any time and as many times whenever you wish.

        We update regularly so your library of videos will grow at no additional charge.

        For sure you can, within the first two weeks.

        Make sure you do put all effort in as it needs your effort to get the return.

        Snail mail can go missing. We will always send with a tracking number so can track where the parcel is in the delivery cycle.

        Contact us at [email protected] and we will investigate.

        There is a good chance if simply gone missing and cannot be traced we will resend another at no cost.

        Email – [email protected] or [email protected]

        Phone – Joanne on 0434602 024


        We are happy to issue a certificate of participation should you need – simply request via [email protected]

        We love feedback – contact us at [email protected] and we will send you the template again.

        Yes, we get it, we can provide in Mac format or you can open in Google docs.

        We are happy to talk to your industry body to ascertain what value our programs might provide in CPD points. Send Joanne an email on [email protected] or ring on 0434 602 024.