Improved Sales

A Better Relationship With Money

Strong Supply Chains

Performance Enhancement

Self Awareness

Engaged and Happy Staff

More Income Streams

Opportunities to Expand

Improved Sleep and Wellbeing

Flexibility in Working Hours

Clarity in Decision-making

A Zest for Life

A business that feels ON purpose


what is navig8biz?

Online Short Courses

A framework of the fundamental pillars that every business needs to know in order to grow and thrive!

Bite Sized Content

We’ve kept our modules short and sweet – because we know your time is precious. 

Bonus Resources

You’ll have lifetime access to our short courses, videos, audio, checklists, tools and templates, to implement into your business right now, or in the future.

Ongoing Support

We are here every step of the way on your business journey. Connect with us to ask questions along the way! 

which phase of business are you in?

You’ve probably started a business;

But aren’t getting the results you had anticipated OR

You have this brilliant idea, and you want to change the world!

But you have no idea how to get your product off the ground and into people’s hands/minds/hearts/homes OR

You have something to offer the world;

 You just don’t know what that is yet. 

There IS something you can do. And we are here to help.

So, who the heck are we? 

We are Nick and Jo, the founders of Navig8Biz. We’ve mentored and educated hundreds of students, founders and CEOs on the fundamentals of business. It is our mission to empower you to achieve the success you have always hoped for, run the business of your dreams, leave a legacy and, most importantly;

Find the freedom you deserve. 

We know. You’re frustrated.

You know with every cell in your body that you have an amazing product or service, that if you only knew how to reach an audience, optimise your product, improve your business relationships, manage your money and invest in your business where it matters (instead of wasting time on areas that don’t), you’d be able to do great things. 

There is a better way.

Imagine this instead

Your business is thriving. 

You’re excited to pay your bills. 

People are talking about you or your product. 

You are able to bring in a Team Manager or CFO to free up your time for more important things like creation, development and top-tier planning. 

You have a strategy in place that allows you to sleep soundly at night. 

You know exactly where your business and the marketplace are headed. 

You know what you have to do to scale and succeed. 

You’re confident that you are living your life ON purpose.


Business Foundations

The complete business program that is going to elevate your business and your life.

How Does it Work?

Let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn. Business Foundations is going to be fast-paced, easy to follow and simple to implement. Our course collateral is abundant with text, audio, video, worksheets, checklists, templates, links, support and other materials to help your business thrive. 

You can come back to your learning whenever you need a refresher – the courses are yours to keep forever.

Module One:


Module Two:

Suitability to Business

Module Three:

Know Your Exit Strategy

Module Four:

Market Research

Module Five:

Financial Modelling

Module Six:


Module Seven:

Know Your Cash Flow

Module Eight:

Fuelling Your Business

Module Nine:


Module Ten:


Module Eleven:

Gear Up Your Sales

Module Twelve:

Supply Chain and Contracts

Module Thirteen:


Module Fourteen:

Not Enough Hours in Your Day

Module Fifteen:

What's Next?

What Our Students Say...

"I had no idea about most of these areas of the business, so I feel so much more prepared now. These are tools and skills I will use every day. I think this is a fantastic course and would recommend it to any small business owner."
"Nick's mentoring session was exactly what I needed. I've been in business for five years, and while we are turning a profit, I wanted to see growth. Nick had me thinking about my marketing positioning in a way I hadn't considered. He also opened the door to new product lines, as well as guiding my marketing and branding strategies and developing a five-year plan."
"I found the system very easy to understand and very applicable to a small business. It has definitely made me rethink a few things we could improve. I really enjoyed the planning and market research lessons, they're something I will use when thinking about expanding, and they opened my mind to other markets I could target."
"I've been in business for 38 years, but I've never seen information like this, in such an easy-to-follow format. There were tools and articles to read if I required more information and I could leave it and come back to it at any time. I wish someone gave me this business manual decades ago!"
"Nick’s help has been instrumental in helping us deal with matters that are often ignored by busy directors but are so important to growing a business. Over the last couple of years we have come to rely on Nick’s advice and motivational support, he is definitely someone I would recommend.”
"Having worked on both buyside and now building a company the critical difference in Nick is that he is unlike any other investor or advisor I have worked with. He actually wants to learn about your business, get to know you and support the strategy of the business."
"Nick's knowledge and expertise covers sales, marketing, finance/funding as well as embracing overall business management. He has certainly sharpened our focus in a number of areas, specifically growing our market and improving margins."
"Nick has been integral in not just shaping our strategy but giving us the knowledge and tools to implement our plans. Nick is someone we work closely with on a weekly basis and we confidently recommend him to our network. His experience is invaluable and, if you truly want to start or grow on your business, he will get you there.”