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Who is Navig8 Biz?

My years of experience in business has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to help female professionals to re-awaken belief in self and their genius, to create a movement of equal recognition as the norm. Helping professional women find their way to growth is what I do best. Navig8Biz was born from a simple need: Professional women want help, experience and guidance from those that have travelled the road many times before. They need to understand how they can grow in order to succeed!


Mentoring Programs


Unlocking Business Inspiration with BizFlix on YouTube. BizFlix is a one-stop shop for all things business. From Sales and Strategy to Money and People topics, there’s something here for everyone.

Startup To Success

A 30 day program delivered on video, for you to take your brilliant idea to market, and create an unbreakable, long-lasting business model that matters! 

Biz Bootcamp

Biz Bootcamp will teach you about planning for growth, branding, marketing, and how to make a profit. We take the guesswork out of running a business.

What They Say

Blake M

“I Had The Privilege Of Meeting Nick In A Mentoring Session A Few Months Ago, And He Gave Me Invaluable Insights Into My Business That Have Helped Me, Especially During COVID-19. Lately, I’ve Been Watching The Masterclasses And I Love Them. I Can Put A Lot Of Our Success Down To What I Learnt From Nick.”

Imber L

“I Did The Startup To Success Course And Had Such Great Benefits From Doing It. I’m One Year Into My New Business And Getting Busier By The Day. We Are In Hundreds Of Stores Across Australia, I’ve Employed 7 Staff Members And We Just Moved Into A Bigger Factory. I Definitely Recommend This To Anyone Who Is Thinking Of Starting A Business!”

Grace M

“This Inspired Me To Get Going And Understand What It Takes To Get My Business Off The Ground. This Isn’t Fluff – It’s Groundbreaking Business Knowledge From Real Experts Who Have Been Through All That And More. This course has taught me the importance of strategising and looking at your numbers on a daily basis.”

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