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In the beginning of Amanda Barden Bridal, it was tough – you know those days where you feel like you’re working for 24 hours straight trying to get orders out and the kids are sick, there’s no dinner at home and I have deadlines coming out of my ears. That was my life.

Since working with Navig8Biz, my numbers have grown tremendously! I’m now actually coming up in a Google search organically and my customers are finding me easily online. They taught me how to reword and rework my website with the right text.

My online sales have increased by 42% and my store sales have increased by 19%.

Most importantly, I’ve had an increase in return customers by 24% – something that is so difficult to achieve in the bridal industry.

xxx  Amanda Barden

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Building a business is TOUGH. It’s lonely. It’s a shock to the system. We get it. We currently own over 13 different companies between us, so we are living, breathing proof of business success and understand the path involved to get there. We’ve been through the highs and the lows, and this real-life knowledge is fed through our masterclasses and workshops. Welcome to our community!


Fresh in business? In this fundamental, live and interactive workshop, you’ll discover all the secrets that no one is talking about to turn your startup into a success!


Learn to love numbers and take control of your financial future!

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You have been in business for a few years, but your business has plateaued or worse. The Accelerate Plan is the ultimate package for REAL business growth, giving you a life of success and freedom.

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Looking for a community to talk business with, come join us – it’s FREE!


If your business is an idea, or you’ve been in business less than one year, this is the perfect package for you!


You have been in business for a few years, but your business has plateaued or worse. The Accelerate Plan is the ultimate package for REAL business growth, giving you a life of success and freedom.

We are on a Mission to Reduce the Staggering Failure Rates in Business.

Nick Barnsdall

Nick Barnsdall is the owner and director of 13 different companies, some of those self-founded, reaching an annual turnover of over $100m. He now specialises in mentoring and building SME businesses to reach their full potential, and has been dubbed a superhero when it comes to launching and overhauling businesses.

Nick bought his first investment property in 1991 at the age of 16, and started his first company at the age of 19. Since then, he has founded, managed and built multiple small, medium and large businesses across several industries.

Nick is highly respected in his community and remains true to his character; down-to-earth, cheeky, likeable and authentic – traits that are evident in the Navig8Biz courses.

Nick is a member of The Australian Institute of Company Directions, The Australian Institute of Management and the Small Business Association of Australia.

Joanne Brooks

Joanne Brooks’ persona is down-to-earth and her energy is contagious. She has spoken at many events, empowering and education women and business owners across the country. Jo is a leading specialist in the field of business education, having founded and built her own startup from zero to 30m in only 18 months. Among this, her personal story has been likened to a Hollywood screenplay – a story that must be told.

With a career spanning over 20 years in finance and banking, and a further 15 years in education, Joanne has also educated and mentored hundreds of clients in commercial lending, career development and business acumen.

“While I’ve worked in many industries, including Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing and Government, my passion lies with Education. Being able to pass on my business and finance skills is a role that means a lot to me. I love nothing more than the lightbulb moments I share with my students; knowing I can transform businesses and lives is extremely rewarding.” ~ Joanne, Founder of Navig8Biz.

What our clients say


“I had no idea about most of these areas of the business, so I feel so much more prepared now. These are tools and skills I will use everyday, I think this is a fantastic course and would recommend it to any small business ownsers.”

Richard Elson



“Nick’s mentoring session was exactly what I needed. I’ve been in business for five years, and while we are turning a profit, I wanted to see growth. Nick had me thinking about my market positioning in a way I hadn’t considered. He also opened the door to new product lines, as well as guiding my marketing and branding strategies and developing a five-year plan.”

Harvest Powell



“Having worked in buy-side and now building a company, the critical difference in Nick is that he is unlike any other investor or advisor I have worked with. He actually wants to learn about your business, get to know you and support the strategy of the business.”

Rob Ashdown

Clean Energy


“Business Foundations has changed my business and my life.”

Dan Morgan



“Nick’s help has been instrumental in helping us deal with matters that are often ignored by busy directors but are so important to growing a business. Over the last couple of years we have come to rely on Nick’s advice and motivational support, he is definitely someone I would recommend.”

Caroline Culleton



“I found the system very easy to understand and very applicable to a small business. It has definitely made me rethink a few things we could improve. I really enjoyed the planning and market research lessons, they’re something I will use when thinking about expanding, and they opened my mind to other markets I could target.”

Matt Trantor



“Nick’s knowledge and expertise covers sales, marketing, finance/funding as well as embracing overall business management. He has certainly sharpened our focus in a number of areas, specifically growing our market and improving margins.”

John Wilton

Trucks & Equipment


“I did one of Navig8Biz’s courses and had such great benefits from doing it. It gave me fresh perspective on my business and helped me to positively streamline my processes. I’m six months into my new business and getting busier by the day. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of starting a business!”

Imber Lingard



“Nick has been integral in not just shaping our strategy but giving us the knowledge and tools to implement our plans. Nick is someone we work closely with on a weekly basis and we confidently recommend him to our network. His experience is invaluable and, if you truly want to start or grow on your business, he will get you there.”

Tanya Abbey



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Join experienced entrepreneur Nick Barnsdall as he interviews other local business owners on the ups and downs of building a business from the ground up.

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