5 Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a Coach

Looking for a coach

Coaching is an invaluable tool in your personal and professional development toolkit. It helps you identify goals, develop strategies for reaching them, and hold yourself accountable. But how do you find the right coach?  Here are five questions you should ask as you search for a coach that’s the right fit for you.  What experience does […]

The 5 biggest executive coaching mistakes to avoid

Transitioning from CEO to Coach

It’s not easy making the switch from the C-suite to executive coaching. Joanne Brooks has been there and done it, but she admits that it wasn’t without its challenges.  Despite having worked in leadership positions for over 20 years, she found that transitioning from an executive role to a coaching one was no mean feat. […]

The Power of We

The Power of We

There’s no denying that a strong leader can be a powerful force. But what if we’ve been approaching leadership all wrong? What if, instead of trying to go it alone, we embraced the power of “we”?   At the heart of this notion is the African concept of Ubuntu, which translates roughly to “I am […]