Step 5 | The Close

Step 5 | The Close

Closing deals is not just your attitude, but also the action you take.

Top closers have some common habits and tricks of trade that will help them get what they want from a customer in record time!

  1. They act the difference. Always standing firm with an unwavering confident air in every situation no matter what challenges come up along the way
  2. They sell Benefits. Close more deals by focusing on the benefits that are most important to their clients.
  3. They believe in relationships. They know that if a competitor put out an even modest offer, it would still be more than enough reason to keep your customer from going elsewhere!
  4. They mostly listen
  5. They thirst for industry knowledge
  6. They research relentlessly
  7. They manage the time decisively 
  8. They manage expectations
  9. They create a closing process
  10. They’re patient

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