Welcome To Sales Mastery!

Congratulations for taking this step towards building your business sales.

We are so pumped for you! You are about to make a change in your business that will create growth, joy and impact.

Imagine if you could transform your business by being better at sales into a thriving, profitable company!

It’s possible with the Sales Mastery program. This program will give you all they need to turn your business into the real success you’ve dreamt of.

This is the program that you need to make that happen!

This course is made for you if:

  • You want to feel comfortable in sales mode
  • You can convert prospects into customers
  • Know the gap in your business is the sales funnel and process  
  • You’re know how to do sales, but want to become a master in sales
  • You want your business to last more than five years 
  • You crave the ability to impact others
  • You don’t have a handle on sales  
  • You want to know what the right sales systems is

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What You'll Get:

✓ FIVE videos from Nick and Jo designed to inspire you and get your sales building.

✓ Our 5 strategies for growth!

✓ Access our 12+ proven business tools, such as sales plan templates and

✓A sales roadmap to set you up with an easy-to use system that’s been used by successful businesses.

✓ We’re also including free access over at Facebook where members can post their questions or discuss topics relevant towards building your business successfully – this will help all of us grow together.

✓ Everything you need to get your sales growing


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✓ Sales Plan 

✓ Create Your Avatar 

✓ Create Your USP  

✓ Competitor Analysis Sheet 

✓ Supplier Analysis 

✓ Time Management Tool

✓ Price your Product 

✓ Vertical Sales Channel Worksheet 

✓ Market opportunity

✓ Key metrics and ratio tools 

✓ Appoint setting and follow tools

✓  Communication, pitch refinement tool

✓  Closers worksheet


I felt like I was working 24 hours straight and I knew nothing about the business side of my business. Then I did the program. My sales have increased by 42% and customer retention increased by 24%!
Amanda Barden Bridal
I worked with Navig8 Biz leading into the pandemic. Eighteen months later, our products are in 200 stores, and I have six employees. We just landed our biggest contract ever.
Imber testimonial picture
Fine Cultures Cheeses
I've just completed the program and it was amazing! This really gave me the kickstarter I needed to get my idea going and turn it into a legitimate business. I'm so inspired.
Arna Design Studio

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A business without sales is like a car running on empty .. going no where. We all want our businesses to be successful, but if you’re not making any sales then the you business will fail.  You can take your business from just good to great with this powerful new program. It’s packed full of life-changing tips, tricks and strategies that will help turn even the most struggling businesses into thriving profit centres!

The Sales Mastery program will show how 5 key steps can help ensure that your business thrives.

Key ingredients included:

  • 5 x Instructional videos on how to build the ultimate business plan
  • 2 x done for you sales plan template to build your plan  ( 1x formal and 1 x presentation format)
  • Individual video guides on how to complete each of the templates
  • 10 Essential Business Tools to complete before you build your plan

Sales are a vital part of any business and if you want to be successful, then there’s no better way than learning how sales work. We know it might sound daunting at first but don’t worry – our Sales mastery Program will take care everything!

SO let’s do this. Let’s…

Are you ready to take control and kick some serious business butt?

Sales Mastery Program





If you implement all the videos and tools into your business within the 30 days and don’t find any value, I’ll give you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Each order is processed through a secure SSL payment system to ensure your security and privacy are safe. 



NOW – SALES MASTERY is ready when you are ready. 

You’ll be sent a series of emails to support you as you build your business for 30 days.  

Each week, you’ll receive a video of Nick and Jo showing you exactly what you need to do to get started building your busienss sales.  

Yes. Unless you’re making so many sales you cant handle them, then yes, this program is for you.  

And if you’ve been in business for over five years and it’s kicking your butt, you’ll want Biz Bootcamp.

At only $347you’ll get that back in spades by saving your future-self years of heartache and torture by not knowing what the heck you’re doing. 

Yes! In fact, SALES MASTERY is where all the business magic begins. EVERY business owner should see it.  

ALL AGES! You’re never too build a business. More and more people are realising that perhaps their day job or life wasn’t going the way they’d planned and finding themselves in the position where they want to thrive – not just survive. Business ownership business can happen at any age if you want to lead a fulfilled, happy, and purposeful life.  

There are specialised checklists and templates for you to fill out, but don’t worry they’re FUN, and we’ve SIMPLIFIED the pain of starting a business by giving you the ultra-necessary elements that will help your business boom, way beyond your launch day.  

Please reach out directly to my inbox at [email protected] and will happily answer any questions you may have!