Step 4 | Process

Step 4 | Process

Did you know that passion drives sales?

You can’t sell something that you don’t believe in.

You must know your offer. The reason you exist, what problem it solves for customers and how do they feel when buying from you compared with other companies in the market who also provide that service/product.

Know your features & benefits and be the expert on what’s best for your customer. 

We will explore:-

✔️ Belief in the product

✔️ Belief in the opportunity

✔️ The The Top Tips that will KILL your deals 

✔️ The importance of clear and diverse communication channels

✔️ Define your Sales Pitch


Get your Step 4 Tools here

✔️ TL0036 Create your Avatar

✔️ TL0038 Create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

✔️ TL0078 Price your Product

✔️ TL0105 Craft the Pitch

✔️ TL0138 Sales Habit Tracker

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