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The Ultimate Brand Builder


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Learn how to inspire, influence and change lives whilst getting your idea in front of the whole world.

Ever wondered how some brands seem to have  the entire world at their feet? By the  simple  swish of a Nike tick,  the glow of  the golden arches or the  light of an Apple? It’s simple – they establish a HUGE and highly-devoted fan base. But how?

Building a cult following is serious business, and while it seems to be reserved for the elite few who have access to some form of magic branding dust, there is a formula to building a successful brand.

Whether it’s the brand you work for, your own brand, your personal brand, or the brand you’ve been dreaming of, everyone needs to understand branding in 2020 and beyond.

Modules included:

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Market Research

5.3 Branding

5.4 Marketing

5.5 Digital Marketing Masterclass

Learn the tools to building a powerful, unstoppable business now!

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  1. Stephanie Gill

    Joanne Brooks is a legend!

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