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The Masterclass Series 

Whether you’re a start-up rookie who is learning the ropes, a seasoned business owner, or simply dreaming of creating your own venture, our best-selling masterclasses are now up for grabs in this life-change bundle.

This series includes eight masterclasses that deliver business-elevating and life-changing bursts of information in a fun and uplifting way with simple, actionable steps to kickstart the growth of your business today.

The Masterclass Series is hosted by business experts Nick Barnsdall and Joanne Brooks. Jo is a leading specialist in the field of business education, having founded and built her own start-up from zero to 30m in only 18 months. She brings vibrancy, fun and inspiration in spades to every masterclass, having run businesses since 2000. Nick has 27 years of successful business ownership experience, and currently owns and directs 13 different companies. You probably don’t want to miss what he has to say.


The Series includes:

Attract Customers in a Digital World 

This masterclass showcases the critical elements of business building – in the digital age. You’ll discover how to profile your customer, build an email list, capture interest, build intrigue and be the leading expert or brand in your field.

Create a Killer Brand 

With prompts and exercises to brainstorm your creative ideas, Create a Killer Brand will guide you through social media platforms. You’ll also learn how to create your own brand style guide, the art of storytelling and the power of connection, so you can build the brilliant brand that gets customers through the door.

Digital Marketing Must-haves 

Want to take up more space in the digital realm? Want to get in front of more customers or clients? Learn the Digital Marketing Must-haves that your business needs to succeed: How to create content, how to build interaction and engagement, Google and social media advertising, optimising your online store and so much more.

How to Sell When No One is Buying 

Scared of sales? Not sure how to sell, to whom, or where? This masterclass shows you the right mindset to start selling, how to take market share, how to retain customers and simple strategies getting sales in any economic climate.

Productivity that Leads to Success 

Do you have big dreams and big ideas that are constantly sidelined for daily minutiae? With exercises and prompts this masterclass is your springboard to success. You’ll learn how to find time where you thought it didn’t exist, discover tools to streamline your processes, work better not harder, and ultimately free up time for the things that truly matter in life.

Bullet-proof Your Business 

You can never be fully aware of when a downturn or recession will hit. But you should be prepared for it. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to redefine your financial strategy, readjust your marketing, tweak your offering and have a clear pathway that leads to revenue. Let’s get comfortable in carnage and remove the fear!

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