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The Accelerate Plan


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 You’re going to discover:

🚀Become a Master of Sales (worth $299)
🚀Find Financial Freedom (worth $299)
🚀Digital Marketing Mastery (worth $699)
🚀The Secret Weapon: Mindset (worth $299)
🚀The Ultimate Brand Builder (worth $299)
🚀Business 101 (worth $699)
🚀Six Steps to a Better Business (worth $450)
🚀Raising Capital (worth $299)
🚀Build a Legacy (worth $299)
🚀HR Hero (worth $450)


🚀VIP Access to The Navig8 Society (invaluable)
🚀Live Weekly Coaching at Meet and Mentor – conversations to supercharge your business (invaluable) 


🚀The One Page Business Plan ($15)
🚀Financial Budget Template ($15)
🚀Cash Flow Forecast ($15)
🚀Market Research Matrix ($15)
🚀Fortnightly Insights
🚀Business Secrets E-book ($12.95)
🚀Am I Ready for Business Quiz 
🚀100+ Tools and Templates (invaluable)
🚀Business Newsletter

Plus so much more!

Total value over $4,209.95+!

Let’s turn your business around, shape it to suit market opportunity and create growth beyond your own imagination. We’ll be here to mentor you every step of the way – and we’ll get together and celebrate your success at our annual business conference!

The ACCELERATE Plan includes everything you need for a better business. Our mission is to see that you reach success and you never lose sleep over your business again.


7 reviews for The Accelerate Plan

  1. Flavia

    Thank you for providing this space for business owners to share and connect.
    I’ve completed a number of courses and have found all of them to be informative and beneficial.

  2. Leanne Phillips

    Joanne from Navig8biz Academy has been sharing her extensive knowledge with me with passion and the patience of a saint. Thank you Joanne you rock!!!!

  3. Darren Bedford

    So excited to join all of you on this journey!
    I’ve been in different businesses over the last 30 years with different levels of success!
    In the end, I wanted a business that I knew and was happy to be part of, so over the last 6 years I’ve developed an idea that with a lot of effort and time should give me a great opportunity for a work life balance!
    I’m invested in this to help give me the skills or at least a start in the skill sets where I lack!
    I’ve been participating in webinars and looking through the content to gain as much as I can!

  4. Julie Dimmik

    First time in a long time have I had such an easy, quick online registration. Well done. And looking around the site, it is very user-friendly, with content that is relevant to meet both business and personal needs.

  5. Amanda Barden Bridal

    Since working with Navig8Biz on the Accelerate Plan, my numbers have grown tremendously! I’m now actually coming up in a Google search organically and my customers are finding me more easily online. Accelerate taught me how to reword and rework my website with the right text.

    I ended up investing in a lingerie line to increase online sales – which it has! Since Accelerate my online sales have increased by 42%! My store sales have increased by 19%.

    Most importantly, I’ve had an increase in return customers by 24% – something that is so difficult to retain – yet crucial to business – in the bridal industry. ​​

  6. Peta Marshall

    I’m so grateful for this program – it saved my business. Late last year when covid hit, I was lost unmotivated and didn’t know what my next steps were. I now have so many options that I’d never thought of before. Joanne has selflessly given her time to me and I will be forever grateful.

  7. Alana Ann

    I talk about it to multiple people every day 💖 It’s been super helpful to me. Thank you

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