Recession Survival Kit


Now, I'm READY to grow my business!




2020 has undeniably presented the biggest challenges that businesses will ever face. Whether you’re an employee, the CEO of an established business, a successful business owner, a budding entrepreneur or your business is only an idea, 2020 has hit hard and you’re probably wondering what to do next.

In the Recession Survival Kit, you will have access to FOUR life-changing masterclasses. They are available for you to watch anytime you like, from anywhere in the world.

  • Recession-proof Your Business. 
  • How to be Next-level Productive. 
  • Unemployment Transition. 
  • Covid-19 Government Stimulus Guide. 

Hosted by Nick Barnsdall and Joanne Brooks, this is the ultimate and complete online masterclass kit, that was built to help you survive a pandemic, financial crisis, natural disaster or any other downturn.

Discounted for a limited time only, grab your kit now.


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