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Create a marketing strategy that finally works.

Overwhelmed by the digital world? Drowning in wild ocean of competitors? We know how difficult it can be to get your message out to the world.

That’s why we created this neat yet overflowing bundle of marketing goodness! The tools will guide you through the steps to leveraging your marketing through social media, the bundle is full of templates, how-to guides, done-for-you calculators to ensure your marketing strategy is en pointe.

Access foolproof marketing tips from industry experts who’ve been in the digital marketing space for decades.

  1. Active Listening Checklist
  2. Advocacy Checklist
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Core Values Worksheet
  5. Create Your Client Avatar
  6. Create Your USPs
  7. Customer Lifetime Value
  8. Define Your Marketing Priorities
  9. Determine Your Purpose and WHY Worksheet
  10. SEO Glossary
  11. Social Media Policy
  12. Vertical Sales Channel Worksheet
  13. SEO Metrics Dashboard
  14. SEO Performance
  15. Marketing Plan
  16. Digital Marketing Budget Calculator
  17. Facebook Budget Calculator
  18. Marketing Reporting Template
  19. 8-Point Lead Magnet Success Checklist
  20. Determine Your Mission Statement

Take your customers from browsers to buyers to advocates with this incredible bundle of resources! 


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