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Human Resources Bundle

Need to write a job description for a prospective employee? No idea how or who to hire? Learning how to manage staff? Want to grow your team? We’ve done it all for you in this purpose-built HR Bundle!

With handy templates and tools including the 20-year Goal Planner, you’ll be able to map out your business goals, fill the gaps in your company structure, improve your leadership skills, get more done in less time, and transform your business from ordinary to extraordinary. The only way to get there is to first get a clear picture of where you’re at and where you’re going.

In these done-for-you templates you’ll never have to worry about hiring the right people again.

  1. Job Advertisement Template
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Record of Employee Details
  4. 20-year Goal Planner
  5. Skills Matrix
  6. Incident Report
  7. Induction Checklist
  8. Leave Form
  9. Letter of Engagement
  10. Notice to Unsuccessful Applicants
  11. Payslip Template
  12. Privacy Policy
  13. Staff Cost Calculator
  14. Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Start building a dedicated team around you, and the empire of your dreams will follow!


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