Free Masterclasses | Business Survival Guide During Covid-19

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As part of the Small Business Digital Champions Initiative, we have joined up with the Small Business Association of Australia in an effort to feed out the most relevant, actionable and detailed masterclasses we can – and they all come to you absolutely free.

During this time, it is of paramount importance that we take care of one another. It has always been our mission to support businesses wherever we can, now more so than ever.

We understand that some of you are in desperate need of guidance which is why we are creating free masterclasses every week as your survival guide during COVID-19.

This pandemic is undoubtedly the biggest challenge that your business will ever face; but it’s also a time for reflection, action and immense opportunity.

Simply download the Zoom app and watch from home.

You’ll feel informed, supported, reenergised and have a more positive mindset.

You’ll shift cloudy confusion into positive and sustainable ACTION. Let’s do it.


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