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Learn how to take control over your finances, understand value and learn to love money management.   

People think money is an ugly word, but the truth is, it’s not about money at all – it’s about the life you are able to live. You’re willing and enthusiastic to turn up to ‘work’ every day. In a word, success is freedom.  

Understanding money has a great power in providing freedom in our lives – freedom to give back to the community at large, to be generous with our loved ones, to reinvest in our businesses and passion projects, and to ultimately live a life full of joy and free from worry.   

Before that can happen, a mindset shift needs to occur where one understands that our finances are not the root of all evil but rather, the way to freedom.

Introducing the micro course, Find Financial Freedom.

Modules included:

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Financial Modelling

7.3 Know Your Cash Flow

7.4 Financing Your Business

7.5 Supply Chain and Contracts

7.6 How to Survive A Downturn Masterclass

Find money where you never knew it existed and learn to love the process involved that will help you find financial freedom.


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