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2020 has brought us many lessons, not least of which was that businesses without an online presence will be the ones who suffer the most. 

This masterclass reveals exactly how businesses can move into the digital space, with a digital marketing strategy that works.  

From branding to check out, this is a masterclass not to be missed.  

You will learn: 

  • The importance of branding 
  • Which social media platforms to use 
  • How to create content 
  • How to build interaction and engagement 
  • Social Media apps to use 
  • The importance of video 
  • Google/Facebook/LinkedIn ads 
  • What is SEO 
  • Copywriting that sells  
  • How to create a customer journey 
  • How to build a CRM 
  • How to create email automations  
  • The importance of analytics 
  • The biggest mistake in online stores  

This webinar can be viewed at anytime from anywhere! This is the digital marketing lesson you’ll wish you had years ago. 


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