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Business Foundations

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Business Foundations is the essential education manual in guiding the growth of a new or existing business. Authored by Nick Barnsdall and Joanne Brooks, both CEOs of multiple longstanding and successful companies, they provide business education in a relatable, easy-to-understand, accessible and FUN way.  

Among these rich and valuable pages, we have included video links, templates, checklists and fun sheets to ensure every business reaches its full potential. 

The Business Foundations course is built from real-life knowledge to launch and SUSTAIN successful businesses for the long haul. It includes all the necessary tools, and so much more. 

Modules included:  

1.1 Introduction 

1.2 Business Mindset 

1.3 Suitability to Business 

1.4 Know Your Exit Strategy Before You Begin 

1.5 Market Research 

1.6 Financial Modelling 

1.7 Budgeting 

1.8 Know Your Cash Flow 

1.9 Financing Your Business 

1.10 Branding 

1.11 Marketing 

1.12 Gear Up Your Sales 

1.13 Supply Chain and Contracts 

1.14 Networking 

1.15 Not Enough Day in Your Hours 

1.16 What’s Next? 

With important tools and interesting links, we to empower business owners to take their company to the next level.   

Why You’ll Love Business Foundations: 

    • Interactive online courses built by a team of Australia’s best graphic and web designers  
    • Free bonus resources – tools, templates, checklists 
    • Read, Watch, Listen – available in text, video and audio 
    • The critical, detailed steps involved in starting a business 
    • A clear structure outlining how to implement the correct strategies to move into profitable growth 
    • Consistently up-to-date learning, unlike a stagnant and stale degree  
    • Lifetime members email support 
    • Courses written by entrepreneurs and educators combined 
    • We get it and we get you – mentors who are currently running businesses 
    • Easy-to-digest content  
    • Education at your fingertips – learn when, where and how you want 
    • Mobile responsive – learn on the go   
    • 55 years of combined experience in business – mind-blowing content that will change the way you think about business 
    • Endorsed by SBAA, Small Business Association of Australia 
    • 100% guarantee that this program will improve your business 

Are you ready to launch or grow your business? Let’s do it!

7 reviews for Business Foundations

  1. Amanda

    There was so much information in Business Foundations that I would have never considered or applied to my business if I hadn’t read the course. The value of information is phenomenal. I keep going back through my notes and applying it to my day-to-day decision making. The course has basically created an entire lifestyle change for me, it’s an entirely new way of thinking and doing business.

  2. Richard

    I had no idea about most of these areas of the business, so I feel so much more prepared now. These are tools and skills I will use every day. I think this is a fantastic course and would recommend it to any small business owner. I wish I’d done it years ago.

  3. Dan Morgan

    Business Foundations has changed my business and my life.

  4. Matt

    I found the system very easy to understand and very applicable to a small business. It has made me rethink a few things we could improve. I really enjoyed the planning and market research lessons, they’re something I will use when thinking about expanding, and they opened my mind to other markets I could target.

  5. Grace

    This inspired me to get going and understand what it takes to get my business off the ground. It isn’t fluff – this is practical, tangible and useful business knowledge.

  6. Tara

    I thought the course was fantastic! Nick’s mentoring session helped me so much, he showed me things I hadn’t even thought about implementing in my business. I honestly don’t think I’d still be going without Nick’s support. His mentoring sessions, alongside Business Foundations, made me realise that even the smallest thing, like building my database, is all working towards building my brand, and it’s not going to happen overnight!! Because of Navig8Biz, I am staying in business and I know what needs to get done to make it a success.

  7. John

    This course covers expertise in sales, marketing, finance/funding as well as embracing overall business management. It has certainly sharpened our focus in a number of areas, specifically growing our market and improving margins.

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