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Coaching Workshop | Business 3-Day Bootcamp


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Everything you need to know about supercharging your business into success.
Business Bootcamp is an online live and interactive workshop hosted by Nick Barnsdall – renowned entrepreneur, successful business owner, author and investor.

This is an all-encompassing 3-part series bootcamp for those who are in business already, and want to accelerate and supercharge their business to the next level.

You need this workshop if:

  • You’re in services, trades or consultancy
  • Your business is earning less than 500k revenue
  • You have one or no staff members
  • You’re struggling to make ends meet
  • Your business has no buffer to allow you to take a break
  • You’re in the danger zone
  • You’re a commission-only salesperson

We will show you:

  • What you are doing wrong
  • Why your business is more important than your product
  • Why your WHY matters
  • What’s stopping you from growth
  • Where your idea sits within the marketplace and how to position yourself
  • How building a profitable business IS possible
  • Why you need to make over $200k revenue in order to survive – and how to do it
  • The secret formula of every successful business
  • Which business systems will make or break you
  • How to take a holiday from your business
  • Why staying small is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make

Business Bootcamp Details

  • 3 consecutive classes included
  • 1.5hrs duration each Saturday
  • 9-10.30am AEST
  • Limited attendance 20 max

BONUS! By signing up to this workshop you’ll receive a free copy of our most popular mini e-book, Business Secrets: What Successful People Aren’t Telling You. 

Scheduled Dates

3-part series: 6th, 13th, 20th February

3-part series: 30th April, 7th May, 14th May

3-part series: 30th June, 6th August, 13th August 

3-part series: 29th October, 5th November, 12th November

This live and interactive workshop is hosted by Founder Nick Barnsdall. Nick currently owns 13 different companies across Australia, NZ and the UK. Having founded, led or invested in 34 companies since the age of 19, he now specialises in mentoring and building SME businesses to reach their full potential, and has been dubbed a superhero when it comes to launching and overhauling businesses. Nick is highly respected in his community and remains true to his character; down-to-earth, cheeky, likeable and authentic. Gain exclusive access to this event and start building a successful business today.

7 reviews for Coaching Workshop | Business 3-Day Bootcamp

  1. Mato Rasic (verified owner)

    I had a very beneficial boot camp session with Nick. His willingness and commitment to help with knowledge of the business marketing strategies was indeed valuable.
    I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
    Matt Rasic

    • Leah Elson

      Thank you so much for attending, Matt. We are so happy to have helped. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

  2. Leanne

    Information packed today with Nick Barnsdall , amidst all the amazing information that was shared my take away for today was Nick’s passion and self motivation for life and business. Reminding myself why I am in business and because I absolutely love what I do its not hard to find passion and motivation. The giant leap from small to big business is my focus as I have outgrown playing small. Always very informative Nick thank you

  3. Jane

    Nick goes alright doesn’t he?!

  4. Harvest

    Nick’s mentoring session was exactly what I needed. I’ve been in business for five years, and while we are turning a profit, I wanted to see growth. Nick had me thinking about my market positioning in a way I hadn’t considered. He also opened the door to new product lines, as well as guiding my marketing and branding strategies and developing a five-year plan.

  5. John Wilton

    Nick’s knowledge and expertise covers sales, marketing, finance/funding as well as embracing overall business management. This workshop has certainly sharpened our focus in a number of areas, specifically growing our market and improving margins.

  6. Darren Bedford

    A great team that are there for you on your journey, informative and knowledgeable! There are so many avenues of learning with different level of interaction, this helps with all level of business experience.

  7. Jaye Barros

    I’ve just completed the Bootcamp and loved the information and easy-to-follow strategies Nick and Joanne provided. It has definitely made me think differently about my business and the areas I can improve and expand. Absolutely fantastic!

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