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Pay in 4 equal instalments – contact us to discuss.

The Business Bootcamp is an 8-week workshop series designed to take your business from flop to fabulous, and take browsers to buyers.


✓ 8 weekly live mentoring workshops with our experts to answer all your questions.

✓ Each week you will be given access to the content via video for you to digest and action

✓ A strong grasp of the important numbers in your business

✓ The ability to close a deal

✓ A full understanding of where your business is headed and how to reshape its direction

✓ A growth trajectory and the ability to scale

✓ Essential accounting knowledge for a smooth-running business

✓ A future-proofed business

✓ A defined marketing and social media strategy

✓ A community for support and guidance

✓ A practical, actionable, feasible business plan

✓ Less pain, more gain!


✓ Accountability workbook

✓ Gift box posted to you

✓ The Break-Even Calculator

✓ Competitor Analysis Sheet

✓ Supplier Analysis

✓ Time Management Tool

✓ Price your Product



Biz Bootcamp Series is an 8-week immersion in life-changing, live hand-held coaching, and workshops.

The Business Bootcamp is a 8-week online workshop series designed to take your business from stagnant, to stellar and give you all the tools needed for success.

You’ll learn about planning growth strategies with branding advice on how make profit while also getting marketing plans that will lead potential customers through an easy buy process!

It’s loaded full of expertise; experience plus knowledge which has been put together by our business experts ready.

The best part? It gives people accountability partners AND strategy execution guidance.

We know that business is your best wealth strategy and it CAN offer you a life of freedom, prosperity, and most of all JOY!

We’re opening up ALL the secrets – supply chain, cash flow, automated systems, marketing strategies, branding, new markets… you name it – your business needs it.

We’ve created top-shelf businesses time and time again. This is your front-row seat to see EXACTLY how it’s done.

And here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A solid business plan
  • A marketing strategy
  • A profitable business
  • A growth mindset
  • A new perspective
  • The chance to really do great things with your life

This is your sliding doors moment.

Are you going to build the business of your dreams this year? Or are you going to watch on from a stationery platform as others get on board and fly right past you, edging towards their own success and freedom?

Let’s do this together! Join now while you can.

10 reviews for Biz Bootcamp

  1. Brie

    Thanks so much Nick and Joanne! I have heard some of this before from different sources but the way you have presented it is very potent! You are direct and motivating and with so much experience it’s very easy to be inspired to do the work! Thanks so much I will be in that FB group with my weekly timeline etc. Big thanks for the opportunity to be in here with you all! Brie.

  2. Sandra

    Post using, and having FUN-ish (cause not often good news) with the Excel tools provided in the Biz Bootcamp, they will prove very powerful indeed. My reinvention of a Bricks & Mortar gallery online, I had planned to morph into an entity to sell. Joanne’s friendly and encouraging explanations make sure that whatever you discover, positive or negative, will inform the business owner. Not only that, it is an investment of incremental time that will paint a comprehensive picture (as “Graphs”) in real time, it will assist in building a support network, offer investment opportunity for others to consider, especially when it comes to selling the business. Win-Win… – Sandra

  3. Amanda (verified owner)

    In The Beginning Of Amanda Barden Bridal, It Was Tough. Since Working With Navig8Biz, My Numbers Have Grown Tremendously! I’m Now Actually Coming Up In A Google Search Organically And My Customers Are Finding Me Easily Online. They Taught Me How To Reword And Rework My Website With The Right Text. My Online Sales Have Increased By 42% And My Store Sales Have Increased By 19%. Most Importantly, I’ve Had An Increase In Return Customers By 24% – Something That Is So Difficult To Achieve In The Bridal Industry. Amanda.

  4. Tanya (verified owner)

    Nick Has Been Integral In Not Just Shaping Our Strategy But Giving Us The Knowledge And Tools To Implement Our Plans. His Experience Is Invaluable And, If You Truly Want To Start Or Grow On Your Business, He Will Get You There. Thank you, Tanya.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    I Had No Idea About Most Of These Areas Of The Business, So I Feel So Much More Prepared Now. These Are Tools And Skills I Will Use Every Day. I Think This Is A Fantastic Course And Would Recommend It To Any Small Business Owner. I Wish I’d Done It Years Ago. Thanks, Richard.

  6. Peta (verified owner)

    I’m So Grateful For This Program – It Saved My Business. Late Last Year When Covid Hit, I Was Lost Unmotivated And Didn’t Know What My Next Steps Were. I Now Have So Many Options That I’d Never Thought Of Before. Joanne Has Selflessly Given Her Time To Me And I Will Be Forever Grateful. Peta.

  7. Grace (verified owner)

    Starting a business last year, I thought it would be easy enough to post images on Instagram and I’d get sales. I have a good understanding of marketing and my product, but I had no idea how to actually run a business. Biz Bootcamp taught me how to fill in all the gaps. It taught me how to manage cash flow, widen my audience, where to put my money, how to get capital, and how to get more sales. I was lost without it. – Grace

  8. Leah E (verified owner)

    WOW WOW WOW there is so much more insight than I expected. I’m BLOWN AWAY. Thank you Nick and Jo. It brought up a lot of emotion, but in a good way. I know what I need to do now, I’m not lost anymore. Leah.

  9. Mato (verified owner)

    I found the system very easy to understand and applicable to any small business. I really enjoyed the planning and market research, they opened my mind to new markets I can target. Mato.

  10. Sandra (verified owner)

    Wow Joanne, the inspiration you are generating from your energetic transference of entrepreneurial wisdom is a celebration you share with all us Biz Bootcampers 😀

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