Biz Bootcamp Series

$ 1,499.00



Biz Bootcamp Series is an 8-week immersion in life-changing, hand-held coaching and workshops.

What you’ll get:

  • You get access to 8 weekly workshops on topics that are going to fuel and grow your business
  • You get 30 minutes of business coaching after each workshop
  • You also get access to 15 tools like The Pricing Your Product Tool and The Vision Board Template.
  • Daily support and guidance
  • Learn to love numbers
  • Set bigger goals
  • Create success you’d never dreamed of and take control of your financial future!
  • Plus, you’ll receive a gift box in the mail loaded with the necessary tools to boost your business:
    • The Business Bootcamp blueprint workbook and slides
    • The Navig8Biz USB filled with the business-building templates you need

And here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A solid business plan
  • A marketing strategy
  • A profitable business
  • A growth mindset
  • A new perspective
  • The chance to really do great things with your life

This is your sliding doors moment.

Are you going to build the business of your dreams this year? Or are you going to watch on from a stationery platform as others get on board and fly right past you, edging towards their own success and freedom?

Let’s do this together! Join now while you can.


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