Better Business, Better Life


Better Business Better Life: 5 Key Skills to Have a Thriving Business, Break Through Plateaus and Create the Lifestyle You Want.

Nick Barnsdall’s first book is a real-life depiction of entrepreneurship. He dives deeply into the hardships and the successes, on a grand scale and on a daily level, whilst remaining humble, honest and authentic in his approach. An excellent read for those who are thinking about starting a business, or who have already started and are hoping to grow their business.

Nick has made it his mission in life to ensure entrepreneurs go into business with the right strategies, mindset and surroundings, in order to achieve the business and life of their dreams.

The world is changing.

We are living in exceptional times, where the world is literally at our feet and fingertips. The digital era offers opportunities we have never seen before. With this comes constant disruption, higher expectations and an onslaught of competitors.

Business is tough.

With over 50% of businesses failing in the first five years, there’s no doubt that the pressure to perform is ever-increasing. Most new business owners say they’re exhausted, overwhelmed or have lost the momentum to keep going. For those who have the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur, it’s absolutely crucial to understand and develop the skills for running a business so that it doesn’t become a financial, logistical and emotional nightmare.

Get it right from the start.

The glamourous side of entrepreneurism can be misleading for the novice. Whilst having a business can mean achieving the goal of ultimate freedom, there is work to be done in order to get there. Work life balance is redefined and the challenge to get the balance right means getting control of your business before it gets control of you.

This book outlines everything you need to have a better business and a better life!



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