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Kintsugi Heroes


Sharing my story has been a transformative experience in my life.

Late last year, I was invited by Aveline Clarke of the Kintsugi Heroes Podcast to share the highs and lows of my story. While telling it brought me both tears and laughter, what really made it special is how much this experience has allowed me to view my story differently; now I am able to reflect on the strength and obstacles I have overcome through it, instead of holding onto the traditional narrative of failure.

Kintsugi Heroes has enabled me to truly appreciate where I have been and take pride in who I am today. It was a liberating experience that allowed me to open up about my story and embrace its flaws along with its successes.

In short, I share my journey into entrepreneurship which began with a conventional bank job and an early marriage as was expected of me, but I soon moved up through promotions in the banking and finance world that made me a role model for breaking the glass ceiling of that time.

Life tested me when I suffered the sudden loss of my husband and became a single mum. But instead of succumbing to despair, I persevered, and pivoted into new business opportunities – some which were successes and others failures – but along the way, I learned invaluable lessons that have served me in launching many businesses over the years enabling me to land where I am today.

I know it is time to inspire transformation in the business ecosystem where female leaders re-awaken belief in self and their genius, to create a movement of equal recognition as the norm. 

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Collaboration Is the Gold Standard of Growth Strategies

I was recently interviewed by Aveline Clarke of the 6Star Business Network.  

“What an inspiring conversation I had with one of my co-hosts, Joanne Brooks! I loved this conversation so much, and you’ll soon see why.

From her early challenges of shyness and being forced to put herself ‘out there’, she has been incredibly successful by mastering some key characteristics of success – including the art of collaboration.”

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

06:44 – her journey begins

08:08 – the magic outcome of being persistent

11:52 – the overnight success that took 30 years

16:16 – when she had to fire 100 staff

25:36 – the struggle when purpose is missing

32:00 – what 6 Star means to her

42:25 – the Collaboration magic 

plus much more…



Now, more than ever, it is critical to be aware of the ideas you absorb and the negativity you filter out. This is always simple to say but difficult to do because the negative energy might come from close friends, family, or coworkers at times.

We can not emphasise how important this is when starting a business since because this journey will include extreme highs and lows that you need to be prepared for.

In today’s episode Joanne and Nick discuss all the different types of negative energy that you need to filter out of your life to create a growth mindset. They retell their personal moments when they have needed to conjure up that fire in the belly and reignite their passion for the business.

How To Bring Joy To Your Financials

It’s unusual to hear a business owner say they enjoy their company’s financials, and we’re always wondering why? The financials can provide your company with possibilities that you never considered. They may educate and highlight areas of the company where more care is required.

In today’s podcast Nick and Joanne share their tips on how to bring joy to your financials and make it feel less like a chore. It’s time to get excited about money!

Common Mistakes When Filling Out A P&L Sheet

There is no handbook to running a successful company, and vital information may be overlooked on occasion. The number is one thing that should never be neglected, especially the company’s profit and loss statement. This is an important aspect of your business that must be reviewed on a regular basis to determine whether or not the firm is actually profitable.

Unfortunately, even if business owners complete this form correctly, they will inevitably commit a number of common errors. In Today’s episode, Nick and Joanne discuss what these blunders are and how we may prevent them so that we know exactly how much money the company is earning.

Why You Need A Budget

If you want to operate a business, you must become a control freak about your numbers. It’s all about the budget. You can’t just throw money at an issue in hopes of fixing it. Instead of running your business into the ground, you need to be methodical and aware of your finances so that you may eventually turn a profit.

We are ecstatic about this week’s episode, because it is when our founder, Nick, shines! He enjoys analysing the numbers and coming up with new methods to help the company. This is a conversation that every business owner should listen to!

Do Business Owners Need A Personal Brand

We all know that our business needs a brand, but does the business owner need a personal brand too? Or can they simply just be the face of their business without any additional social media and content. 

Today’s podcast episode is heating up, as Nick and Joanne debate the advantages and disadvantages of having a personal brand and running a business. Why some individuals see the uplift in terms of improving the business, while others have trouble seeing how piggy-backing on a company’s brand to build one’s own personal brand might be hazardous.

How To Maintain Patience When Sales Are Low

To be successful in business, most people agree that sales are the most important aspect of your journey since without them you have no business. However, in the early phases of your company’s evolution, it takes a lot of time and effort to perfect the art of selling your goods or service.

In today’s show, Nick and Joanne debunk sales myths while also offering advice on how to hone your skill at finding a consumer and selling to them. They offer their suggestions for making an impact and regaining that client for future sales.

Getting Finance For Your Startup

Starting a company may be costly, since there are so many things to think about – products, website, marketing, and so on. We at Navig8biz want to teach you how to not only budget and prepare for these expenditures but also how to generate the cash necessary to get your business started and operating.

On this episode, Nick and Joanne discuss where to invest your startup’s funds, how to allocate them effectively within your organisation, and when not to use the entire budget on marketing (that may not be the best area of expenditure).

Why debt is not a bad thing in business

We are guessing that when you hear the word “debt,” your first thoughts are unpleasant. However, what if you have been believing the propaganda about the benefits and disadvantages of debt, without realising what advantages come with having it?

In today’s episode, the creator of Navi8biz discusses one of Nick’s favourite themes: debt and how it may be utilised for good rather than evil. They explain how a shift in perspective might be the make or break moment for your company.

The Importance Of Keeping An Eye On Local Trends In A Global Market

Do you ever think about the external elements that might have an impact on the brand’s future while you run your company? Even if your company is a local cafe, you must be aware of current trends since your business operates in a continuous worldwide market.

In this episode, Nick and Joanne discuss their industry knowledge and how they have managed to stay on top of the ever-changing business environment. The pair discusses why keeping your finger on the pulse of the global market is beneficial for your company in the long run.

How To Prepare For The Unexpected

You can’t know what the future holds, but you may prepare for it. You never know what your business journey may have in store for you, but it’s not the obstacle you should be concerned about; rather, it’s how you react to it. We’ve had a recession, housing crisis, and climate change at our door step for years. 

Nick and Joanne address why having a growth mindset and perspective is so important for entrepreneurs in today’s episode. Don’t allow the outside factories drive you away from the possibilities your company might provide.

Messy Heads Will Not Equal Business Success

It’s true that unorganized minds don’t come up with successful business plans. You must be prepared to take responsibility for your company and approach it daily with a clear objective and a forward-looking attitude.

Today’s podcast sees Joanne sit down with Endre to discuss their company journeys. They delve into the concepts behind a cluttered head when it comes to business ideas, as well as how to obtain clarity and connect with your brand’s mission.

Why Market Research Matters

“If you don’t know why you were doing what you were doing, and that doesn’t give you a fire in the belly and you don’t know who your customer is, how on Earth can you effectively market to them?” – Joanne Brooks
In today’s podcast, Joanne goes deep on the significance of market research. Now, this may seem self-evident, but she believes that a lot of company owners lack the depth and regularity required in terms of market research.

Why You Need More Than One Mentor In Business

“Who do you know around you that super really clear on what they want. Right. And what is it? What does that do you know? Do they seem to have higher levels of energy and do they seem to think seem to have endless amounts of energy?” – Nick Barnsdall

It is quite common to hear of business owners searching for a mentor, but what they might not know is the most successful business owners typically surround themselves with multiple business mentors. Why? Because mentors may provide varied advice and expertise, which may assist you in making an informed selection about the future of your business. You can never have enough support when you’re running a company.

Should Businesses Be Concerned With The Federal Budget & Looming Election

“It’s gone quiet out there in the marketplace because of the election is coming up. No one’s making a decision. And this is a really key time over the next couple of months to get your head right, to get your head space right. People are still out. People are spending money.” – Nick Barnsdall

The Federal budget has been announced, as well as a date for the election. Should business owners be concerned about their pending future or is this the ideal opportunity to start building the foundation needed to safeguard their company in the future? In Today’s episode, Nick and Joanne discuss what business people should do with their time and money in their company.

The Pros and Cons of an Investor In Your Business

“Do they have the capability to leverage up on that in the future? Now, that could be there then putting more money in beyond what you’re thinking. So if the business continues to go well, it grows, then can they add more or can they leverage their own position with a financial institution to the business and to be able to go and get lending its own right on the back of the previous successes of your business partner. But does all that exist?” – Nick Barnsdall

Finding different ways to fund your business is one of Nick’s passions! In Today’s episode he discusses with Joanne the Pros and Cons of having an investor and all the due diligence that comes with researching the exact what your business needs to grow. 

You Don't need a lot of Money to make money

You can start a company with minimal or no money. All you have to do first is study and plan, then work out how much money you’ll need (if any). Many individuals delay because they don’t have enough cash. However, there are alternative methods that might assist them, such as seeking investors or collaborating with others.

In this episode, Nick and Joanne address the challenges of starting a business. It’s never too late to start your own company; it might take time, effort, and hard work, but it is well worth the effort. This episode will teach you about the need for research and obtaining money to fund your company.

Why Business Owners Always Need To Be Learning

Every successful business owner knows the secret to business growth and longevity – it’s to always be learning. Running a business can be full of many highs and lows, and it’s important to be open to every educational moment that can potentially propel your business ahead of your competitors. 

In this episode Nick and Joanne not only explain why we need a growth mindset to learn, but illustrates why (now more than ever) Navig8biz is crucial to every business owner’s journey. Through their countless years in businesses, they have discovered the secrets to developing companies that are built to last.

Create the correct foundations for your business with our Biz Bootcamp.

Are You Part Of The Great Resignation?

“Over the last 18 months people have got really used to working from home and having some flexibility of workplace and hours to some degree as well. People want some of that freedom. Some of that autonomy to be able to go and live their life. Maybe that’s what life should really be like.” – Nick Barnsdall

Have you been sitting in an office for a number of years and not enjoying the work in front of you? Have you spent hours in a daily commute, and realised it’s a waste of time? Have you just come out the other side of the lockdown and realise you crave flexibility and financial freedom. We want to let you in on a secret…You’re not the only person feeling like this. 

In Today’s podcast episode Nick and Joanne discuss the incoming great resignation that has affected multiple industries and businesses. As society has discovered a positive from the pandemic – People want to feel in control of their time and schedules. Flexibility and following your passion has become more prominent than chasing a six figure salary. With this in mind, Nick and Joanne share how you can have it all. Set up your dream business and still be on time to pick the children up from school, all while having financial freedom.

The Importance Of A Growth Mindset

“As we go through struggles of life every day, getting your mindset right is where it starts. How you wake up in the morning, whether you’re viewing the day with on going drudgery or whether it’s just another piece of the puzzle connected to this fantastic journey that you’ve designed that you’re going to go on through the course of your lifetime, you get to decide. And that’s the strength of mindset. It’s the power of mindset and how you determine what course you’re going to go on.”

In Today’s episode of Business Without BS, Nick and Joanne discuss the importance of a growth mindset, and why every business owner needs to be in this frame of mind. They share their key tips to improve your mindset (that they use daily), and deep dive into how your commitment level and growth mindset interlock to create a successful business.

If you are stuck in a business rut, or need to overcome hurdles to start your business, this is the podcast for you! 

How Our Choices Can Affect Our Business

We all have moments where the choice seems hard, but, in reality, the lack of decision is the part that makes it hard.

It’s tempting to think of doing nothing as an option instead of acting and making things happen in your business – especially if you’re feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and lost!

But inaction has its consequences; sometimes people who choose to not act are left with even more problems than they started out having.

In Today’s podcast Joanne and Nick deep dive into how our choices can affect our business, why it is so important to stay focused on your mission, and productivity tips to avoid procrastination.

This juicy conversation will show you their real life insight to building a successful business based on the choices you make.

The Power Of Listening In Sales

“Well, you’ve got to know who your customers are, and understand their pain points. For me, sales is a combination of listening and understanding the data regarding where your customers are hanging out.” Nick Barnsdall
In Today’s podcast we are helping you through all of the more difficult parts of selling, because sales are a very important part of your business. But a lot of people aren’t so keen on it. We’re trying to humanize it a bit more, and make it a little easier for you to come to grips with. This is a deep dive into the sales secrets that we usually share in our courses.
Tune in with Nick and Joanne and get an understanding of why we should listen when we’re selling.

A Cinderella Startup To Success Story - Interview With Joanne Brooks

“I started because I become a single mum unexpectedly. And I decided that I needed to spend more time with my daughter, so I needed to have more flexibility. Figured I had plenty of money and lots of time. Right. How funny is that? But it did take a little bit of time for me to get my head around that. So the things that I did have in place and that worked were in my favor and were saving Grace for me. I was going into business in the industry in which I’d worked for the last 20 years.” – Joanne Brooks, CEO of Navig8biz

The roles have reversed on Today’s podcast. Instead of Joanne hosting the episode, we have put her in the guest seat, and grabbed the ladies from our marketing team to interview her about the truth behind her business success. 

We have always called Joanne’s business journey a Cinderella story, and today you can listen in and learn why!

If this episode has spiked your imagination, or if you are looking for something more outside your 9-5 grid, check out the Startup To Success course: https://www.navig8biz.com/startup-to-success/

The Options You Have When Facing Financial Stress - Interview With Kate Hulsman

“Exiting a business can be challenging. There’s different factors that need to be looked at and especially how you might be affected as a director personally, if you’ve got a home, number one, you want to protect it.
We help people do what we call “Control Data Set”. It’s a strategy before you go to push the buttons to shut the door” – Kate Hulsman
People don’t generally pay unless you ask for the money, especially in small business. If you’re not getting cash in, how do you run your business exactly? Enter Kate Hulsman!
Kate is the strategic partnership manager at De Jonge Read. She is in charge of referral, relationships and education, plus expanding their network so that people know that there are options when they’re facing financial distress. Predominantly, De Jonge Read offers those services to anyone that’s got some sort of financial issue and they help find a solution for them. 

What Is Unravelling Red Tape? Interview With Elaine Abery

“I had a phone call from a recruiter here and he said, look, you’ve got a very interesting skill set, but none of the companies in Newcastle are going to want to hire you. So, you have to go back to Sydney or Canberra or Melbourne or start your own business. And I was like, I’m not going to start my own business. I’m used to having all the paperwork done to me and all I have to do is my job. I went to a couple of interviews and nobody in Sydney was prepared for me to work in Sydney three days a week, and remotely for two days.

Apparently, it’s impossible to manage staff from 160 km away. However, It’s okay in the federal government when you’re 6000 km away, on the other side of the country, but apparently from Sydney, you can’t do it.

So, I came back and I was like, “Okay, what am I going to do?” – Elaine Abery

Unravelling Red Tape is a business created to resolve government dilemmas that have been consuming too much of your time. With over two decades of experience working in large government departments, non-for-profits, charities and large companies, Elaine is using her expertise to lift the burden off your shoulders. 

Today Joanne sat down with her to discuss exactly how the business began and how they continuously help business owners throughout the nation.

Want to read more about Unravelling Red Tape click below:

Is There a Place For Old-school Marketing?

The world is changing so fast, and already today I’ve made a purchase online and booked an appointment with an e-form, Googled a brand I heard about, and searched for a restaurant review.  

Digital marketing is at the forefront of our minds and fingertips – so much of what we do is digital. So, is there still a place for old-school marketing? 

What is traditional marketing? Tv ads, billboards, snail mail, bus and transit ads, and print magazines and more. 

What is digital marketing? Facebook ads, Google ads, influencer collaborations, and email marketing and the rest.  

We are seeing a renaissance of old-school marketing.  

If you want to hear exactly what we are doing at Navig8Biz in our marketing strategy, this podcast is for you. Combining both old school and new school methods is part of our ethos, and we explain in the podcast how to do it and why we do it.  

You’ll discover all the new and old ways to market outside the digital realm and why it matters for your business.  

So, is old school marketing still valid? And how can you utilise both digital and analogue marketing to work for you?  

The short answer is….  

Find out in the podcast.  

How to Find a Business Partner and Why You Need to Be on LinkedIn

“I get tired. So, I’ll talk to my business partner, and my tempo and enthusiasm will increase. It’s not only about getting another a skill set on board. Your partner becomes another source of energy, which is so important when you’re throwing every single day at your business.” – Nick Barnsdall. 

Partnerships enhance and grow great businesses every day.  

In this podcast, Nick and Jo teach us the critical aspects to look for in a person before you bring someone in and invite us to understand why they chose one another as business partners.  

You’ll learn how to approach a potential partner, the elements of due diligence you need to take, and the best reasons to get a business partner in the first place.   

They also discuss when and how to make hard and fast decisions in business.  

Nick talks about why a LinkedIn profile is crucial for every business owner, as well as the red flags you need to look for before bringing someone in.  

While the old days of cold calling are over, there are new and better ways to reach people.  

Nick also mentions the one thing that astounds him that most business owners aren’t doing. 

This is a great conversation, packed with business and life gems. Enjoy!

How to Sell with Meaning and Purpose

“When we first collect an ABN there should be a notification: You will now be a salesperson and the Head of Sales, and you are totally responsible for sales in your new business.” – Nick Barnsdall. 


Jo and Nick sit down to discuss the biggest problem that all businesses owners are facing – getting sales!  


This chat will have you embracing sales and getting comfortable about telling your story in every encounter in your life. You’ll walk away feeling enthusiastic about selling and sharing your business with the world. 


Jo introduces the concept that selling begins with a certain mindset. She speaks about how sales become easy when you love what you do, and that underneath sales are just great conversations with purpose.   


But this conversation is so much more than selling. It will tell you how to identify customer needs, discover market problems, and highlight that your business is the solution, so you can eventually close every sale.   


You’ll learn how to follow clues that the customer leaves behind, so you can easily chase the sale – without really selling.  


You’ll discover endless possibilities in this podcast as Jo and Nick walk you down the footpath of market opportunities for your business, as well as horizontal and vertical distribution.  


You’ll remove any narrow-minded thinking once you discover that money is still out there! Now is your chance to go and get it.  This podcast is for anyone who wants to sell with meaning and purpose. You design the future of your business!  


You’ll love this conversation if you’re trying to boost sales!  

Why there is a housing boom

“When the country is printing $6 billion in money every week, cash is trash.” ~ Nick Barnsdall. 

In this short episode of Business Without BS, Nick guides us through the five reasons why we are currently experiencing a housing boom. Not only in Australia, but globally, we are seeing record percentage surges in housing prices.  

He explains why cash is trash and why money is of little value, and what to do with it instead of storing it away in a savings account. You’ll learn why inflation keeps rising and where unemployment is at right now.  

Nick talks about the wealth effect, and what it’s doing to the economy. He also dives into how the past two years have shifted our lifestyles and priorities, and in turn, our home buying habits.  

Nick bought his first property at that age of 16 for his mum, and is an investor and owner at Agio Global Investment Fund. 

Listen to the bite-sized podcast here.  

How to Pivot Your Business in a Struggling Industry

“All the customers are still there – you just have to find where they are.” – Joanne Brooks.  

Crikey – where to start? There are SO many actions you can be taking if you’re in a tough industry right now. This podcast gives you over 15 top tips that you can implement TODAY to make a difference and build a formidable business.  

If you don’t have time to listen right now – just click this link and like our podcast. That way, you’ll always be up to date with new releases, and you can come back to this one when you’re ready.  

Ultimately, anyone who wants to grow their business can benefit from this fired-up conversation.  

Nick and Jo begin with the essentials – how can you renovate a house when the floor isn’t even level? They show us how to recalibrate our mindset, remove anxiety, and build a creative space around us where we are ready and willing to pivot.   

They dive into data analysis, showing us how to truly listen to our customers, talk to our audience, and always be on the lookout for what they’re saying and doing.  

On top of this, they explore how to review what the wider market is doing – not only your industry but ALL industries.  

Nick goes on to talk to explain what to do if you’re in a dead industry like tourism and hospitality, while Jo unveils exactly what restaurants and cafes can be doing for their business right now and could have been doing months ago.  

They also reveal the biggest inhibitor in our businesses, while teaching us how to tap into creativity and expansive thinking, get a bird’s eye view, and start selling via email.  

You’ll walk away feeling motivated to research, fix your business, see more opportunities, and take on the world.  

You’ll also learn what your REAL job as an entrepreneur is.  

This conversation will be the difference to whether you get through this or fall by the wayside like everybody else. You’ll feel so empowered, you’ll be welcoming the next lockdown, downturn, upturn, or return with open arms!  

Let’s keep each other going! 


“Work towards a life you’re happy with, [email protected]# everyone else.”


In this bite-sized podcast, Nick provides us with mental health tips, and advice he would give his younger self, to help navigate business ownership in a world that is weighing heavily on all of us. 


Nick delivers the brutal but must-hear truths on how to balance your mind and your business. 


He talks about harmonising expectations and work ethic to achieve mental stability, but also mentions if you’re going to work hard to the bone without goals or purpose behind it then you’re going to experience burnout.


You’ll walk away feeling grateful but also empowered to create change for your own wellbeing. 


If you have a spare four minutes and this is the only podcast you ever listen to – make it this one.


EVERY business owner needs to hear this. It’s potent.


Your Business Will Benefit from Intrapreneurs

“The capacity to innovate and create is available in every business, we just need to liberate it.” 

In this fascinating conversation, Jo and Nick discuss Intrapreneurship with Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, side hustler, or employee, she dives into how we can all be innovative, creative, and add value to whatever context we’re in.  

Dr Irena invites us as business owners to consider the possibilities that could arise when you provide your employees with a culture and space where multiple people in your enterprise are able to look through a lens of growth, opportunity, and revenue. 

She teaches us the importance of having intrapreneurs on your team, how to scout for those personalities, and how to harness their imagination and creativity to favourably enhance your business.  She also unveils the greatest killer of creativity.   

With a PHD in complex problem solving, you will absolutely want to hear what she has to say about working through the many challenges that business owners face every day.   

If you own a business, this conversation will have an enormous impact on the growth of your business and will support you to being open to new ideas, without being stuck in your own plans. 

And no matter who you are, this conversation will have you challenging the status quo, making crazy suggestions, and thinking bigger to support the growth of your company.   

You’ll be on the edge of your seat hanging onto her every articulate word. This is our favourite conversation on the podcast by a prolific mile. Don’t miss it. 

The Art of Reading People Effectively

This week, we had the remarkable opportunity to speak with Alan Stevens, International Profiling and Communications Specialist, and prominent guest speaker on national and global media outlets, profiling politicians, celebrities, and royalty.   

In this juicy podcast, Alan invites us to all explore the way we read people, and how to do it more effectively and efficiently, and he doesn’t just talk bout the standard, “mirroring” practice that every other psychology expert covers. This conversation is SO much deeper than that. 

Alan talks us through the new era of COVID, how to read people with their face masks on, and how to connect with people via a screen, across several closed borders. And the nuance of facial expressions doesn’t end there.  

This is where he teaches us about genetic facial and body features, and how he can instantly know someone’s character traits by looking at them. The old ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is blown out the window as Alan shows us how to do just that – without judgement or subconscious bias, only the facts and features in front of us.  

You’ll learn why having good relationships is more important in business than having a good product, how to be a social media stalker with purpose, how to write a LinkedIn profile that sells, and how to get more than just an ‘hourly rate’ for your services.  

This conversation will absolutely change the way you interact with your team members, clients, and your family at home. You’ll want to listen a second time just to soak in all the wisdom. We loved this conversation and hope you do too.  

5 Ways to Break Through Fear of Hiring for Your Business.

“Show me a bad employee and I’ll show you a bad manager.”  

In today’s podcast, Nick and Jo discuss the ultra-important topic of hiring for your business. Here, they discuss everything from bad hiring to bad management, and what to do when you hire a dud employee.  

More importantly, they help us break through the fear of hiring your first recruit, which can seem paralysing and complex to so many solopreneurs. On this, they also explain why so many businesses are dying, not due to the landscape, but because they failed to scale.  

Rather than running in the other direction from this crucial piece, Jo and Nick show you the five steps to take when hiring. Firstly, they help you discover the most critical gaps in your business so you can bring in immediate income. Sometimes what you think is an obvious hiring strategy is far from the reality of what your business truly needs. Then they reveal how to find the right person for that role.  

To find out the other three critical steps for hiring the best possible team, and a whole lot more, listen to the conversation here.   

Hiring is often the thing we don’t want to think about, however bringing the right people together has the power to change the world, and we can’t wait to help your business do just that! 

The Story Behind Joanne Brooks – How to Overcome a Series of Hurdles

Joanne Brooks recently spoke on stage at the Small Business Association Summit, and what she revealed was shocking to say the least. We recorded this ground-breaking speech and we’re sharing it right here on the Business Without BS podcast for you to hear her story. 

Imagine a young Joanne, ultra-shy, playing in a cupboard at home, too afraid to speak to anyone. She walks us through her childhood all the way to the fateful day when two Police Officers arrived at her workplace to announce that her husband had just died… only to be followed by a phone call that her husband had contracted HIV, and that she and her four-year-old daughter must be tested immediately.  

If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, she goes on to explain the utter relief she felt after he had died – it had been a 17-year relationship of emotional and physical abuse.  

But this keynote wasn’t just about heartbreak. It was about the sheer determination and the consistent obstacles that would arrive throughout the course of Jo’s life. Never once did she give up or give in.  

She describes how she started three businesses over the years and, in detail, invites us to learn how and why those businesses soared to success, but also quickly had to close their doors.  

These days, Jo is a proud mum and successful business owner, founding the Navig8Biz community with Nick Barnsdall to ensure that no one ever has to go through what she endured.  

If you want to hear the story behind the woman who founded Navig8Biz and what brought her to lead tens of thousands of business owners into this caring, hopeful, and useful community, then this podcast is a must-listen. If you’ve heard Jo on stage yourself, then you’ll know how life-changing her mindset can be. Grab your ear buds, tissues, and your choice of drink. This one’s an absolute game-changer. 


It's Lonely at the Top

“One of my biggest tilt moments was when I was appointed CEO in my mid 20s, and all my colleagues and peers were cheering me on, saying I would be amazing. Then when I arrived at the top, it was a very different story. I have never felt so lost and lonely and isolated.” 

In this podcast Nick and Jo speak with Sally Foley Lewis, Leadership Speaker, Management Consultant and Author of four books including The Productive Leader, Managing Remotely, and Delegate. 

Even through this difficult and challenging time at a young age, Sally learnt something potent… 

It’s not ok, in fact it’s not ethical, to put someone in a leadership role and then provide no support. It was a defining moment that would reshape her career.   

Now, Sally specialises in supporting managers in small and large organisations to enhance their leadership skills. She works closely with those who typically have responsibilities and pressure coming from every angle, with little or no guidance.  

Since most of us are brought up to follow rather than lead, it can be difficult to even know where to begin in management. In this podcast, Sally talks about firing up your confidence to be able to lead well and reprioritising your values.  

If you’re finding it tricky to manage a team, if you want to better understand your own values, or if you simply want to learn more about yourself, then this week’s podcast is a must-listen. It will resonate with anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills.  

This is a tremendously spicy discussion that will have you thinking about your business, your team, and your people skills in an entirely new way.  

Achieve the Impossible and Get What You Want (Without Stress)

“No one has any idea what their potential is.” – Stuart Walter. 

In this episode, I interviewed Stuart Walter, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who has guided 39 world champions and professional athletes across Australia and abroad, as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals, helping them to unveil their potential and achieve the impossible.  

Stuart explains that he can sense someone’s energy upon meeting them and immediately determine whether their goals are big enough.  

He then unpacks what’s stopping all of us from achieving outrageous goals: Fear.  

He also reveals that when working with his top clients, the more they achieve, the less it becomes about the physical aspect of the sport and more about the mental aspect.  


Stuart learned about Hypnotherapy through his mother, when he sat with her for his first session and the outcome was transformational. She had been using these techniques for 30 years. Since Stuart had been a National Sales Manager, and Elite Sports Manager, he decided to link those skills with Hypnotherapy to unlock the massive potential within his clients.  

The Hypnotherapy helped his athletes to deal with the emotional toll of their chosen career, as well as the transition phase after they’d reached their ‘peak’ potential. The ‘What Now?’ period was almost more taxing than their 20-year powerhouse, gold-medal careers.  

You’ll love listening to how Stuart used mindful techniques to help these superheroes attain new goals, when all of them had been smashed already. How is this relevant to you? We all reach peaks (or lows) in our lives when we stop and think, what’s next?  

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or even a business owner to benefit from this conversation. It’s LOADED with life advice that you will never forget. I really loved chatting with Stuart, and know you’ll get so much out of it too.  

This podcast will help you deal with daily pressure and stress in life, and teach you how to find balance, so you can live in a state of relaxation and flow. Isn’t that what we all want? 

Business and Life Coaches Explained: Consultants, Coaches and Mentors and Which One is Right for you

It’s time to solidify some definitions. There are so many words floating around social circles and social media, causing mass confusion. Life coach, business coach, business mentor, business consultant, and more.  

This conversation aims to clear the air and define every one of them.  

In business, and life, everyone needs someone to guide them. Finding the right person can be challenging.  

In this week’s conversation, Nick and Jo speak with various small business owners about their journey in business and how they used coaching or mentoring to build the business of their dreams.   

Engaging with a business coach without any business experience can be just as frustrating as employing a life coach who has very little life experience. This podcast helps you define what you should be taking away from each of these guides, and which one is the right one for you.   

Additionally, we talk about how it’s important not to try to segregate your business from your life and how to two can interweave. We also discuss the importance of coaches with specialist or generalist expertise, so you can always be on the cutting edge of your industry.  

A good business coach will help you solve a problem in the market, whilst maintaining a helicopter view of the business to ensure you’re always solving that problem in new and exciting ways, with a strong business model in place. They will guide you through the joys and pains of business, having been there themselves, and keep you accountable.  

If you were to do a performance review on yourself as a business owner, what would you tell yourself? Would you fire or promote yourself based on what you’re doing in the business? If you’re packing boxes and doing admin, then the answer is unfavourable but true: You’re not doing your job properly. A business coach would be able to do such a performance review and much more, to get you thinking differently about your business.  

If you’re confused about all the labels out there and want to know how to take control of your own business, this conversation is an excellent place to begin. Enjoy the podcast!  

nick meets client

The Shift from Jobholder to Steve Jobs  

The most underrated and important element of business ownership is mindset, specifically the mindset shift between employee and employer. In this episode, the Navig8Biz team discusses how to navigate this monumental mindset transition.  


We talk about filtering the noise to absorb only what is factual and experienced, as well as shedding the ego so you are eternally and humbly open to improving every facet of the business.  Jo reveals how her ego stood in her way during her first year in business, and the wakeup call that followed.   


The team considers easier pathways for a mindset shift, such as surrounding yourself in supportive people who also hold you accountable and filling the gaps in your business where your own skillset is wanting. 


They talk about the lack of holidays in small business, wearing all the hats, and stripping the facade that you’ll earn millions of dollars in the first year.  


If you’ve been an employee all your life, then this conversation will break all the myths you’ve been told about business ownership. However, it’s also loaded with tips and tricks on how to survive this colossal turning point and come out the other end with a thriving, meaningful business.  


Should Businesses Be Ready to Pivot?

Long-time listeners of Business Without BS will be well acquainted with Nick and Jo’s stance on business. This conversation emphasises their belief: We should always be pivoting.  


Nick has been saying it since February 2020: COVID isn’t going anywhere. Today on the podcast, they discuss the idea that we should all be getting ready for COVID 2021, COVID 2022 and COVID 2023. If you are in any industry that’s been affected; travel, hospitality, migration, events – or any industry at all – this podcast will help you dig up the opportunities, dust them off and transform your business.  


The pandemic brought with it a structural change; it’s going to the change the way we move and the way we operate forever. They also discuss the green transition that has been accelerated by COVID. The pandemic has presented a vast awakening to move into consumption that is eco-conscious and agenda-setting. 


If it’s not COVID, there will always be something around the corner challenging you to grow, edit and refresh your business to reflect market trends. Money doesn’t disappear – it just moves around. But there is a way to ensure those dollars are coming to you. Listen to the podcast to find out how. During this major event in all of our lives, this conversation is BURSTING with ways to pivot your business and get more money through the door, now and beyond.  

nick barnsdall business educator

Common Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

On this week’s podcast, Jo reveals the common characteristics of successful business owners that we should all be aspiring to have.  

If you want to take your business from small to large, from average to amazing, from surviving to thriving, from making ends meet to bringing in money while you sleep… this podcast is a great mindset shift and an important wakeup call. 

Jo explains that great leaders all have certain traits in common. 

  1. Passion – They’ve tapped into their Why. 
  2. Self-belief – They don’t talk down to themselves and know that language has power.  
  3. Resilience – They have the grit to stick it out, even when times get tough.  
  4. Focus – They’re able to allocate their time according to tasks that get ROI.  
  5. Creativity – They’re able to see opportunities where others don’t.  
  6. Optimism – They speak and think positive words and thoughts, not wasting time on gossip and negativity that leads nowhere. 
  7. Goal-oriented – They are driven by the big picture, rather than daily minutiae.  

To hear the full list of characteristics that lead to success, listen to the 10-minute podcast now with your morning coffee. Test yourself! Do you have these traits?


The Most Underrated Skill in Business: Communication

There’s no doubt about it – clear communication is important, not only in business but in relationships, partnerships, and families. Good communication skills help you manage, organise, sell, innovate, create momentum, motivate, market, plan, and negotiate.  

In today’s episode of the podcast, we discuss the most underrated skill in business: communication. We talk about how strong lines of communication can help you sell more products, negotiate better deals, get more out of your employees, improve productivity, and ultimately, build a better business.  

We cover the importance of communicating your personal and business purpose to your staff, suppliers, customers, audience, and prospects. When they understand what matters to you, where you’re at and where you’re headed, only then can they get on board to help you create a solid business built on passion, awareness, and conviction from all parties.  

This conversation will help you understand what you’re trying to achieve as well improve your own communication skills internally and externally. We share mind-blowing strategies for growth, courage, and success, all based on the art of communication.  


We also share our own reasons with you for starting Navig8Biz, this beautiful community, in the first place.  

Whether you’re a one-man-band, a small business or a thriving business, everyone can learn something from this most valuable discussion. We hope you enjoy it! 

Matt Kreis & Joanne Brooks - #2

In this episode of the 6 Star Business podcast, we bring together our first two guests who bring an array of experience in business, partnerships, training, advocacy and a lot more.

Their collective input was a fantastic benchmark for our podcast as they blew us away with insights we had never even considered before when discussing 5 star reviews online or exceptional customer journey service.

On this episode we cover:

03:45 – how you need to step into being a leader
09:30 – why Matt doesn’t give online ratings, and what he does instead
16:10 – the negative side of just ticking a ratings box
33:25 – how and why knowing your purpose matters

In addition, Matt gives us an incredible story of how he started out building his network and the impact that has had on him ever since.  Joanne emphasises the importance of going beyond words, and explains how she lives and breathes her Purpose, and together they lift the bar of what it means to achieve consistent 5 star reviews, and truly embody a 6 Star Business. 

This is one cracking episode to kick off the 6 Star Business podcast!

Why Brand Identity Matters

Today on the podcast, we discuss why brand identity matters and how you can develop a brand that will set you apart. Whether you’ve been in business 40 minutes or 40 years, this conversation is relevant to every business owner.   

We start by covering the importance of consistent messaging, colours, fonts, voice and imagery, all combined to create one cohesive identity.   

Then, the discussion dives deeper into the passion and purpose behind all of these visuals – this is where it gets meaty.  

By creating a cohesive brand, you’re telling the world who you are – and that matters. The reason it matters is because you’re building authenticity, credibility, and trust.   

We talk about why branding has never been more important than it is today and how you can spot a fake a million miles away. We even discuss the secrets of building a brand book and how you can take your customers and fans on a journey with you.   

If your brand is the seed, and your business is the thriving plant, then you’ll want to listen to this conversation to ensure you’re sowing the correct seed in the correct conditions before you even consider doing anything else in your business.   

We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and we hope you enjoy listening.  

When Friends and Family Don't Support Your Dreams

In our society, there are some deep-seated, traditional beliefs that as humans, we must stay true to our childhood, adolescent or adult selves; that we must not deviate from the identity we once created, even if it didn’t serve anyone, least of all ourselves. When we see others grow, improve, create or win, we automatically resist their development with immense force.  

However, this resistance helps no one, only causing friendships to walk on shaky ground.  

The truth is, it hurts when your friends and family don’t support you in becoming your best self. It weighs you down when family members meet your new business with negativity. Sadly, it’s a knife in the heart when your inner circle doesn’t believe in (or entirely ignores) your goals and achievements.   

As a new and aspiring business owner, it’s common place to receive a surge of negativity. The ‘it-wont-work’ crew always has more than two cents to deliver, backed with little more than a hearsay anecdote as evidence to support their case. 

Let me be clear; I’ll accept all levels of constructive criticism and absorb all feedback. Then I’ll filter that feedback into two groups; that which isn’t productive or useful, and that which fosters positive change and growth.  

Don't Get Blindsided by Cash Flow

When a business is hurting, I’ll typically look at a collection of items to move them back into the green. And the main issue is always the same: cash flow. The negative or positive effects of cash flow are grossly underestimated.

The reason behind this is often the same too. Business owners generally feel discomfort when discussing money, especially when it comes to asking for the money that they’re owed; money that is rightly theirs. Underneath that lies a deep-seated belief that they’re not worthy of the money that they’re asking for. They don’t value themselves, their time or their work. Sadly, their financial thermostat is set quite low, and they don’t envisage themselves as being worth more than they can imagine.   

Here’s the thing: You have the right to follow up on outstanding payments for work you’ve done or products you’ve made. And chasing debtors should be a priority above all tasks in your business.  

Making a profit? You still need to be watching cash flow more than any other single thing in your business. Being blindsided by cash flow has been known to take down even the most profitable of companies. 

Aside from chasing debtors, there are many ways to improve cash flow in your business. If you want to learn more about profits and cash flow, the Better Business Better Life book is the place for it!  

nick at interview

The 3 Most Powerful Pillars of Every Successful Business

Building a Business is an Asset. In fact, it’s the biggest asset you will ever have. It’s a cash flow generator for you – or it should be.

In this conversation, Nick and Jo discuss how you can build a business to ensure it’s sellable – or bring management in to manage it for you. They plug into all areas where you need to upskill yourself and improve yourself to get a sustainable, profitable business.

This week we invited some of our students to speak. Peta Marshall shares her success story of how Navig8Biz has changed her life. She openly talks about her salary went down the drain when COVID hit. She was lost, broken and, like many others, the pandemic was the most challenging phase that she and her business had ever seen. She found Navig8Biz via the free webinars, and it was a make-or-break decision to join Navig8Biz. The program helped her understand that all along she had needed a tribe, a community to support her decisions. She talks about how it’s so important for business owners to share their secrets and have mentors in their life – mentors with the experience that Nick and Jo bring to this community.

“It’s really inspired me – it just changed my world. This program is just amazing. The information is right on track for where we need to be,” said Peta.

If you need a little extra spark and want to know what you should be charging for your products – you’ll love this conversation.

It’s about people, communication and connection and ultimately, self-belief, the key ingredients of every business. And if you want to learn the three most powerful pillars of every successful business, take a listen.

If you need more help with your business, you’re definitely not alone! Business Bootcamp is the way to get you there and we’ve helped hundreds of business owners take their business to extraordinary heights already. 

The Rise of the Side Hustle

In this episode of Business Without Bullsh*t, Jo and Nick discuss the booming trend of employees taking on a side hustle outside of their day job.

Whether you want to call it the modern part-time job or a side hustle, one thing is clear: starting a business is hard. You’ll face many challenges whether you’re a solopreneur, sole trader, mumpreneur or running a conglomerate.

According to news.com, one million Aussies have taken on business ownership alongside their full-time job – but it comes with a risk. Instead of having down-time that fosters rest and recovery from their jobs, these ambitious hustlers are taking on an entire business venture. Ultimately, there is no down-time and the health effects can be detrimental.

So, if you’re someone who is thinking about starting a side hustle – or you’re already running one – this podcast will answer all these burning questions and more:

  • How you can feasibly manage a side hustle
  • The one thing that every side hustler underestimates
  • Why we have to stop calling it a side hustle
  • Why you shouldn’t go into a side hustle simply for extra cash
  • The best approach when starting a side hustle
  • How to ensure your life is set up to allow for a side hustle
  • Why size does matter (at least when it comes to business)

Many people in this space exist in an entrepreneurial limbo and while the struggle is real, the side hustle gives them a chance to work on their passion and their purpose.

In essence, don’t start a side hustle for money, fame or power – it will only turn into an unsatisfying affair that will lead to burnout. And be mindful that at some point you will have to take the plunge into the real business pool. Are you all in?

The side hustlers of the world are going to get a lot out of this conversation. The ultimate message is – don’t give up. And if you’re ready to take the next step, Side Hustle Bootcamp is for you!

How Amazon Can Change Your Life

In this podcast episode, Adam Hudson, founder of Reliable Education, opens up to Nick about his childhood and what first drew him to entrepreneurship. “I was always interested in business but the first time I heard the definition of an entrepreneur, it really resonated with me. As a kid, I started working at McDonald’s, cutting lawns, delivering newspapers, auctioning items, washing cars in the neighbourhood – anything to make money from as young as age 12.”

About midway into the conversation, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, eyes wide, waiting to hear the next mic drop of wisdom. And it goes something like this:

There are two ways to start and build an e-commerce business. Create a product, pay for Google and Facebook ads and wait for people to visit your site. The other way is to place your product directly on Amazon, where you don’t need any ads and you needn’t wait for traffic – there are millions of people already there, waiting to buy.

Adam talks about the importance of selling recurring products, why Amazon is a beauty contest, how you can make $13,000 a month selling stuffed penguins (as an example), and why it’s a good thing to be punched in the face.

Importantly, he explains drop shipping, ascension models and why you the biggest thing you need to do when you start in business is START; you can learn so much in just one day, if you only just BEGIN.

The way Nick sees it, you can buy a hairdressing salon, café, franchise or boutique with your life savings, or you can grow a successful business on Amazon from your laptop with all the tools – and customers – right in front of you. Nick hopes that this episode will open your mind to new ways of doing business and discover the possibilities out there in this new era of commerce.

Listen to the podcast and decide for yourself.

If you want to learn more about growing an Amazon business head to Reliable Education.

Adam’s book recommendations:

The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins.

Adam Hudson is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million-dollar companies. He has spoken on stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Robert Kiyosaki and has been featured in: Sky Business News, the Brian Tracy show, Eventual Millionaire, ABC News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, WebRetailer.com, Inc.com, and Newsweek. He is also the author or Primed: Your Guide to Building an Amazing Business on Amazon and currently owns three businesses in Amazon education, Amazon marketing and homewares.

The Business Ignite Project

The 5k Business Course Your Business Needs – And It’s on the House 

2020 is undoubtedly the year that changed us all.

The pandemic affected so many of us in big and small ways, at once. In this podcast, Nick sits down with Joanne Brooks and Jane Anderson, to announce the game-changing Business Ignite Project.

The program is fully supported by the Department of Education and Small Business in Queensland and aims to help anyone who owns a small business, has been retrenched, or aspires to own a business. It takes you through step by step on how to manage your way through and beyond 2020.

If you’re wondering what on Earth to do next, this is the platform for you. It combines masterclasses, videos, audio, text, to provide the information that business owners need in order to survive and thrive.

Content consumed on digital platforms has increased by 60% this year. With this in mind, the training aims to get you online, shoppable and unstoppable if you aren’t already!

The course is worth 5k and will be transformational in the way you do business. Best of all – it’s on the house. 

Nick and Joanne picture

The Power of Business Partnerships

Partnerships are a polarising topic – those who aren’t in business oftentimes have an opinion about whether you should be involved in a business partnership. And the popular opinion is this: don’t do it.

This week on the podcast, Jo and Nick provide a counterintuitive approach to partnerships – how to optimise them for everyone involved and why you should consider partnership for your next business venture.

“In every single one of my businesses, I have a business partner. I have no companies where I go it alone. And every person I go into business with has an important skillset that I lack,” said Nick.

It wasn’t always that way. Early on, he planned on managing all of his businesses alone to have control of every facet. However, along the way as he made an array of errors, he realised that maybe his way was not always the right way.

Realising that you’re not always right, is a huge revelation and an important opportunity for growth – and it’s this realisation that opens you up to the possibility of partnership.

With shared business ownership come complementary skillsets and vast ideas, and the capacity to expedite the growth and trajectory of your businesses.

This conversation taps into:

  • What types of partnerships are there?
  • How to manage partnerships from day one
  • What happens when the other person isn’t bringing the time or expertise that was expected?
  • Shareholders
  • Value alignment
  • How partnerships can go wrong
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Gaps to fill
  • Scaling and growth
  • Securing the future of the partnership
  • Family partnerships
  • Three key takeaways

At Navig8Biz, (a co-founded company) we are passionate advocates for partnership. While it sounds simple on the surface, it’s not always easy to navigate these partnerships. This conversation is relevant to all who are in business, regardless of your current structure. We hope it gets you thinking, talking and collaborating more.

We talk more about this in Business Bootcamp. Join the waitlist today!

The Truth About an Overnight Success

This week, Jo and Nick sit down to reveal the truth about the spotlighted ‘overnight success’.

What is an overnight success, what does it really take to build a business, and should someone go into business with the expectation that they can build success within three years?

In this compelling conversation, Jo explains how she built a business from $0-30m in only 18 months. By leveraging expertise, existing databases and CRMs, creating an online product, and using connections and partnerships, she was able to scale her business to extraordinary heights. However, the deep roots beneath that success have often been overlooked. Jo had already spent decades building the connections, processes and expertise to make it all happen – the perfect cocktail of business ingredients was already there.

While Jo’s business rose to success at warped speed, Nick’s version of business startups has been quite different. He explains that all of his businesses have taken a long-haul grind; another behind-the-scenes story that is often left untold.

When we think of success, it’s commonly wrapped up in one word: luck. Yet this podcast reveals something else entirely. Success equates to hard work, commitment, passion, dedication, determination, sacrifice, long hours, risk, self-awareness, research, planning and a whole lot of courage.

If you’re in the startup phase of your business, this podcast will give you the strength to forge ahead, as you come to realise that it’s not going to happen overnight. You’ll understand that being on a trajectory and enjoying the journey is all part of the game.

And perhaps the biggest takeaway is this; you’ll never underestimate an ‘overnight success’ again. Join Startup to Success to learn more. 

Work-life Balance is Bullsh*t

Work-life Balance: a buzz term that suggests work and life are separate entities; that one must clock off from ‘work’ and then enjoy ‘life’ as an individual matter and the two must never coincide.

True entrepreneurs (and intrepreneurs) understand there is no such thing.

In this episode of Business Without Bullsh*t, Nick and Jo sit down (via Zoom!) to discuss ‘Work Life Balance’ and turn the concept entirely on its head.

They discuss how work and life are not mutually exclusive, and to have such expectations is only confirmation that one is living a life void of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Once you find the thing that wakes you up in the morning – the job that doesn’t feel like a job – then the concept becomes futile.

Nick and Jo believe that ‘work’ is about having activity and productivity in your life; two key ingredients for happiness and success. They hope to shift popular opinions on the subject, whilst reframing our thoughts about ‘work’ into establishing excitement and purpose in our lives.

To create something that is bigger than yourself should be held in the highest regard, and Work-life Harmony is the way to get there.

If you would love to learn about tapping into your passion, purpose and vision, you will love this conversation.

This podcast is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s for those who are driven and want that extra motivation to push forward and find the thing that allows them to live a life of freedom. If you don’t know what that is yet, this episode will change everything.

How Subtle Communication Can Transform Your Life

He once hosted an event where he sat on the floor while the audience sat on chairs around him.

Known for his expertise in human subtleties, Allan Parker is a renowned behavioural scientist and master negotiator. In our most fascinating podcast interview yet, Allan explains how our daily subtle movements and interactions can forge meaningful relationships and impact high-level negotiations.

He calls these movements the ‘non-verbal invisibles’ – proximity, angles, height and direction.

Since the dawn of human civilization, we have been interacting with one another and with other organisms. Alan discusses how understanding the way humans function at a cellular level can transform your business and your life.

In this conversation, we cover so many themes; the gifts that COVID-19 has brought us, when to pause when speaking, how water can optimise negotiations, when to mirror another human’s tone of voice, and the importance of goal setting.

We also discuss how helping others can unlock limitless energy. “I’ve never been keen on motivation because that’s the energy you need to start something. I’m much more interested in momentum – the energy that keeps you going.”

He goes on to describe how experimenting is a beautiful way to operate in an unpredictable world “I live by the principle that if it’s not working and it’s not producing what you want and the flow-on impact to others that you want, then do something else.”

If you want to understand how small and subtle movements can make a huge difference in the way you do business and the way you sell, this is an episode that you’ll truly love.

For a man who couldn’t read until he was 30 years of age – which he used as his superpower to become a very good listener – you’ll be hanging on to every intentional, well-paced word.

Allan Parker has worked with Microsoft in 11 countries, AMP, BNP Paribas in 4 countries, Macquarie Bank in 4 countries, NSW Bar Association, Deutsche Bank, 5 different Ombudsman’s Offices in Australia and New Zealand, The Royal College of Physicians, the OECD and United Nations. He is the co-author of the best-selling book Switch on Your Brain; author of the Negotiator’s Toolkit, and is one of the co-authors of Beyond Yes – Negotiating and Networking. Having spent years managing large and complex negotiations, Alan was asked to write Australia’s first degree on Negotiation. 

Don’t Bother Meeting With Investors Until You Do This

In our most riveting podcast episode yet, this chat with Co-founder of Amber, Aleksandar Svetski, will pull you out of the dark ages and into the future of money and currency. Not for the faint-hearted, this conversation will forever change the way you value your own time and skills and how they have been traded for centuries.

Aleks discusses why, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to find the thing that you live and die for. He opens up about the reality (and ignorance) behind starting his first business and why he needed his first two businesses to fail before he could succeed greatly with Amber. And he outlines how he did it.

In this chat, Aleks talks about how he has been stuck outside of Australia during COVID-19. Rather than falling into the trenches of this invisible enemy, he shows us how he saw opportunity during a pandemic to grow his business. We learn that it takes more than a global health crisis to keep a good business down.

As he takes us on his wild entrepreneurial ride, you’ll be on the edge of your seat learning about bitcoin and why you need to get on board in the next five days.

Changing the way you think about the value of money, once you hear this podcast you’ll never be the same again.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Personal Brand

When we think of personal branding, most of us think of it as something saved for influencers, actresses or someone with something to say. Some of us prefer to stay in the shadows, thinking that if we talk about ourselves on a public platform it might come off as less than humble.

However, in this week’s chat on the podcast, we learn that personal branding is for everyone – especially those who are running their own business. We find out why it’s so important to create your own brand, and how it can act as a segue to your business and your income.

But just how are we supposed to build a personal brand from nothing? Why would anyone want to listen to our expertise? How do we construct our thoughts into something that’s worth saying? Which are the best platforms on which to share these thoughts?

This week, I met with the amazing Jane Anderson of Jane Anderson Speaks. You could say she’s somewhat of a rockstar in the speaking world, so this was a pretty exciting and inspiring interview. Jane has been working with CEOs and Executives nationally and internationally for the better part of the last two decades to build their personal brands.

Ten years ago, Jane had a massive shift in her personal life –  a time that may have appeared dismal to anyone else. Instead of engaging in self-pity, Jane saw this as an opportunity for major growth. She reframed it as a pathway to expansion and for the first time, instead of only building the notoriety of others, she stepped out of her comfort zone to finally build her own personal brand.

Jane opens up about how she lived on Vegemite sandwiches, how she overcame her fear of public speaking and how LinkedIn changed her life. She digs deep into how we can align passion with purpose, why it’s so important to leave a legacy and why the best investment is the one we make in ourselves.

Jane has received Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Nominations for the past three years, as well as Stevie Awards Coach of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

This is an incredible conversation on why every entrepreneur needs a personal brand. I really enjoyed listening to Jane, a true expert on brand building. I have no doubt you’ll walk away inspired by this episode – to finally put yourself out there.

Why Company Values Matter

In this inspiring podcast episode, Mags Bell invites you to look intensely at your own personal core values and how these are lived throughout your company. She explains why company values matter and exactly how you can unearth and implement them.

“I’ve worked with people running $300m companies and they don’t know their own personal values. When I ask them what their values are and they answer ‘ummmm’ I know immediately that they don’t have any idea what they stand for. If you’re misaligned, you get shit customers and shit employees,” says Mags.

She discusses the manifestation of living inauthentically, and how this can have a major impact on your health. Additionally, she tells us why the high-performing employees in your business are the ones to watch out for, and why leadership is not about leading people at all.

Mags also describes the three brains that each of us have within; the Heart Brain, Head Brain and Gut Brain. While many leaders tend to lean on one of these brains, Mags explores the importance of aligning all three.

Mags is a Director, Speaker and Elite Executive Coach for Creating Powerful Results. She is recognised globally as a thought leader in the coaching space, and speaks regularly on provocative topics such as What the Bleep is Coaching and The Silent Profit Eater.

Mags delivers profound insight with a bucketload of humour. This is a cracking good episode. It’s so good, you’ll listen to it twice.

If you’d like to learn more about leadership, join us at the next Business Bootcamp.

How to Start a Business With No Money

This week on the podcast, we delve into the hardship of business startup with the founders of Black Wolf Consultancy, a recruitment firm who is shaking up the industry. They describe the early startup days with no filter, and give us advice on how to start a business with no money.

In the beginning, Tanya Abbey and Peter Tsokelenis set out to bridge the missing links that so often appeared in the recruitment process. They decided they would do things differently; They would hire from anywhere for anyone. They developed The Recruitment Evolution, changing the way companies hire their most valuable resource: people. But not without adversity.

Imagine this: You’re in the startup phase have your first important meeting with a key prospective client, and you know that the opportunity to work with them will make or break your business. But you don’t have enough money for petrol and they want to meet with you in ten minutes.

So, how DO you start a business with next to no money in the bank? What is the single most important decision you can make in your business that takes you from one client to fifty staff members?

In this most humbling chat with Tanya and Peter, they share awesome tips on investing in your company wisely, getting through your toughest pitch, hiring the right people, finding joy in paying bills, defining your role in the company and the importance of having a mentor.

I hope this conversation gives you the internal fire and the real-life knowledge to kickstart the business that you’ve been dreaming of, no matter what your bank account looks like.

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

In this first episode of the podcast, I had the great honour of sitting with the co-founder of Navig8Biz and arguably one of the most successful (and loveliest) businesswomen in the country, Joanne Brooks. She explains what every entrepreneur needs to know.

“Your WHY should be the thing that wakes you up in the morning. It’s when you feel so inherently passionate about the product you’re delivering, whether that’s making incredible coffee or writing life-changing business courses.” ~ Joanne Brooks.

Joanne built a financial education company from zero to 30 million in a speedy 18 months. And this is only one of the mind-blowing accomplishments of her exciting life.

How is this relevant to the average entrepreneur? In this podcast, Joanne describes her entrepreneurial journey in detail. Edging on the uncomfortable, she discusses the nitty gritty of business, that so many others have glossed over. In this way, she gives us the insider knowledge on how to build a business from the ground up, and turn it into an overnight success through many hardworking, gut-wrenching and sleepless nights.

Join Joanne on “one heck of a ride” and learn all of her tricks on how to get your business off the ground. If you’re in the start up phase of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll want to grab a notepad and pen for this one!