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There is no doubt that COVID-19 has created what will likely be the most challenging time that business owners will ever face. There is growing confusion, fear, frustration, devastation and isolation for many businesses owners who have never been in this situation and are feeling stuck on what to do. Whether you’ve had your business for some time or you’re just getting started, The Business Ignite Project is a one-stop-shop on the road to recovery from COVID 19.

From October 2020, the Queensland Government is offering all Queensland business owners the opportunity to access free online learning to boost their businesses, following the heavy impacts of COVID-19.

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The Power of Business Partnerships

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Partnerships are a polarising topic – those who aren’t in business oftentimes have an opinion about whether you should be involved in a business partnership. And the popular opinion is this: don’t do it.

This week on the podcast, Jo and Nick provide a counterintuitive approach to partnerships – how to optimise them for everyone involved and why you should consider partnership for your next business venture.

“In every single one of my businesses, I have a business partner. I have no companies where I go it alone. And every person I go into business with has an important skillset that I lack,” said Nick.

It wasn’t always that way. Early on, he planned on managing all of his businesses alone to have control of every facet. However, along the way as he made an array of errors, he realised that maybe his way was not always the right way.

Realising that you’re not always right, is a huge revelation and an important opportunity for growth – and it’s this realisation that opens you up to the possibility of partnership.

With shared business ownership come complementary skillsets and vast ideas, and the capacity to expedite the growth and trajectory of your businesses.

This conversation taps into:

  • What types of partnerships are there?
  • How to manage partnerships from day one
  • What happens when the other person isn’t bringing the time or expertise that was expected?
  • Shareholders
  • Value alignment
  • How partnerships can go wrong
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Gaps to fill
  • Scaling and growth
  • Securing the future of the partnership
  • Family partnerships
  • Three key takeaways

At Navig8Biz, (a co-founded company) we are passionate advocates for partnership. While it sounds simple on the surface, it’s not always easy to navigate these partnerships. This conversation is relevant to all who are in business, regardless of your current structure. We hope it gets you thinking, talking and collaborating more.

The Truth About an Overnight Success

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This week, Jo and Nick sit down to reveal the truth about the spotlighted ‘overnight success’.

What is an overnight success, what does it really take to build a business, and should someone go into business with the expectation that they can build success within three years?

In this compelling conversation, Jo explains how she built a business from $0-30m in only 18 months. By leveraging expertise, existing databases and CRMs, creating an online product, and using connections and partnerships, she was able to scale her business to extraordinary heights. However, the deep roots beneath that success have often been overlooked. Jo had already spent decades building the connections, processes and expertise to make it all happen – the perfect cocktail of business ingredients was already there.

While Jo’s business rose to success at warped speed, Nick’s version of business startups has been quite different. He explains that all of his businesses have taken a long-haul grind; another behind-the-scenes story that is often left untold.

When we think of success, it’s commonly wrapped up in one word: luck. Yet this podcast reveals something else entirely. Success equates to hard work, commitment, passion, dedication, determination, sacrifice, long hours, risk, self-awareness, research, planning and a whole lot of courage.

If you’re in the startup phase of your business, this podcast will give you the strength to forge ahead, as you come to realise that it’s not going to happen overnight. You’ll understand that being on a trajectory and enjoying the journey is all part of the game.

And perhaps the biggest takeaway is this; you’ll never underestimate an ‘overnight success’ again.

Work-life Balance is Bullsh*t

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Work-life Balance: a buzz term that suggests work and life are separate entities; that one must clock off from ‘work’ and then enjoy ‘life’ as an individual matter and the two must never coincide.

True entrepreneurs (and intrepreneurs) understand there is no such thing.

In this episode of Business Without Bullsh*t, Nick and Jo sit down (via Zoom!) to discuss ‘Work Life Balance’ and turn the concept entirely on its head.

They discuss how work and life are not mutually exclusive, and to have such expectations is only confirmation that one is living a life void of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Once you find the thing that wakes you up in the morning – the job that doesn’t feel like a job – then the concept becomes futile.

Nick and Jo believe that ‘work’ is about having activity and productivity in your life; two key ingredients for happiness and success. They hope to shift popular opinions on the subject, whilst reframing our thoughts about ‘work’ into establishing excitement and purpose in our lives.

To create something that is bigger than yourself should be held in the highest regard, and Work-life Harmony is the way to get there.

If you would love to learn about tapping into your passion, purpose and vision, you will love this conversation.

This podcast is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s for those who are driven and want that extra motivation to push forward and find the thing that allows them to live a life of freedom. If you don’t know what that is yet, this episode will change everything.

How Subtle Communication Can Transform Your Life

He once hosted an event where he sat on the floor while the audience sat on chairs around him.

Known for his expertise in human subtleties, Allan Parker is a renowned behavioural scientist and master negotiator. In our most fascinating podcast interview yet, Allan explains how our daily subtle movements and interactions can forge meaningful relationships and impact high-level negotiations.

He calls these movements the ‘non-verbal invisibles’ – proximity, angles, height and direction.

Since the dawn of human civilization, we have been interacting with one another and with other organisms. Alan discusses how understanding the way humans function at a cellular level can transform your business and your life.

In this conversation, we cover so many themes; the gifts that COVID-19 has brought us, when to pause when speaking, how water can optimise negotiations, when to mirror another human’s tone of voice, and the importance of goal setting.

We also discuss how helping others can unlock limitless energy. “I’ve never been keen on motivation because that’s the energy you need to start something. I’m much more interested in momentum – the energy that keeps you going.”

He goes on to describe how experimenting is a beautiful way to operate in an unpredictable world “I live by the principle that if it’s not working and it’s not producing what you want and the flow-on impact to others that you want, then do something else.”

If you want to understand how small and subtle movements can make a huge difference in the way you do business and the way you sell, this is an episode that you’ll truly love.

For a man who couldn’t read until he was 30 years of age – which he used as his superpower to become a very good listener – you’ll be hanging on to every intentional, well-paced word.

Allan Parker has worked with Microsoft in 11 countries, AMP, BNP Paribas in 4 countries, Macquarie Bank in 4 countries, NSW Bar Association, Deutsche Bank, 5 different Ombudsman’s Offices in Australia and New Zealand, The Royal College of Physicians, the OECD and United Nations. He is the co-author of the best-selling book Switch on Your Brain; author of the Negotiator’s Toolkit, and is one of the co-authors of Beyond Yes – Negotiating and Networking. Having spent years managing large and complex negotiations, Alan was asked to write Australia’s first degree on Negotiation. 

Don’t Bother Meeting With Investors Until You Do This

In our most riveting podcast episode yet, this chat with Co-founder of Amber, Aleksandar Svetski, will pull you out of the dark ages and into the future of money and currency. Not for the faint-hearted, this conversation will forever change the way you value your own time and skills and how they have been traded for centuries.

Aleks discusses why, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to find the thing that you live and die for. He opens up about the reality (and ignorance) behind starting his first business and why he needed his first two businesses to fail before he could succeed greatly with Amber. And he outlines how he did it.

In this chat, Aleks talks about how he has been stuck outside of Australia during COVID-19. Rather than falling into the trenches of this invisible enemy, he shows us how he saw opportunity during a pandemic to grow his business. We learn that it takes more than a global health crisis to keep a good business down.

As he takes us on his wild entrepreneurial ride, you’ll be on the edge of your seat learning about bitcoin and why you need to get on board in the next five days.

Changing the way you think about the value of money, once you hear this podcast you’ll never be the same again.

Why Every Entrepreneur
Needs a Personal Brand

When we think of personal branding, most of us think of it as something saved for influencers, actresses or someone with something to say. Some of us prefer to stay in the shadows, thinking that if we talk about ourselves on a public platform it might come off as less than humble.

However, in this week’s chat on the podcast, we learn that personal branding is for everyone – especially those who are running their own business. We find out why it’s so important to create your own brand, and how it can act as a segue to your business and your income.

But just how are we supposed to build a personal brand from nothing? Why would anyone want to listen to our expertise? How do we construct our thoughts into something that’s worth saying? Which are the best platforms on which to share these thoughts?

This week, I met with the amazing Jane Anderson of Jane Anderson Speaks. You could say she’s somewhat of a rockstar in the speaking world, so this was a pretty exciting and inspiring interview. Jane has been working with CEOs and Executives nationally and internationally for the better part of the last two decades to build their personal brands.

Ten years ago, Jane had a massive shift in her personal life –  a time that may have appeared dismal to anyone else. Instead of engaging in self-pity, Jane saw this as an opportunity for major growth. She reframed it as a pathway to expansion and for the first time, instead of only building the notoriety of others, she stepped out of her comfort zone to finally build her own personal brand.

Jane opens up about how she lived on Vegemite sandwiches, how she overcame her fear of public speaking and how LinkedIn changed her life. She digs deep into how we can align passion with purpose, why it’s so important to leave a legacy and why the best investment is the one we make in ourselves.

Jane has received Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Nominations for the past three years, as well as Stevie Awards Coach of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

This is an incredible conversation on why every entrepreneur needs a personal brand. I really enjoyed listening to Jane, a true expert on brand building. I have no doubt you’ll walk away inspired by this episode – to finally put yourself out there.

Why Company Values Matter

In this inspiring podcast episode, Mags Bell invites you to look intensely at your own personal core values and how these are lived throughout your company. She explains why company values matter and exactly how you can unearth and implement them.

“I’ve worked with people running $300m companies and they don’t know their own personal values. When I ask them what their values are and they answer ‘ummmm’ I know immediately that they don’t have any idea what they stand for. If you’re misaligned, you get shit customers and shit employees,” says Mags.

She discusses the manifestation of living inauthentically, and how this can have a major impact on your health. Additionally, she tells us why the high-performing employees in your business are the ones to watch out for, and why leadership is not about leading people at all.

Mags also describes the three brains that each of us have within; the Heart Brain, Head Brain and Gut Brain. While many leaders tend to lean on one of these brains, Mags explores the importance of aligning all three.

Mags is a Director, Speaker and Elite Executive Coach for Creating Powerful Results. She is recognised globally as a thought leader in the coaching space, and speaks regularly on provocative topics such as What the Bleep is Coaching and The Silent Profit Eater.

Mags delivers profound insight with a bucketload of humour. This is a cracking good episode. It’s so good, you’ll listen to it twice.

Read more about the importance of leadership and company values in Six Steps to a Better Business.

How to Start a Business With No Money

This week on the podcast, we delve into the hardship of business startup with the founders of Black Wolf Consultancy, a recruitment firm who is shaking up the industry. They describe the early startup days with no filter, and give us advice on how to start a business with no money.

In the beginning, Tanya Abbey and Peter Tsokelenis set out to bridge the missing links that so often appeared in the recruitment process. They decided they would do things differently; They would hire from anywhere for anyone. They developed The Recruitment Evolution, changing the way companies hire their most valuable resource: people. But not without adversity.

Imagine this: You’re in the startup phase have your first important meeting with a key prospective client, and you know that the opportunity to work with them will make or break your business. But you don’t have enough money for petrol and they want to meet with you in ten minutes.

So, how DO you start a business with next to no money in the bank? What is the single most important decision you can make in your business that takes you from one client to fifty staff members?

In this most humbling chat with Tanya and Peter, they share awesome tips on investing in your company wisely, getting through your toughest pitch, hiring the right people, finding joy in paying bills, defining your role in the company and the importance of mentorship.

I hope this conversation gives you the internal fire and the real-life knowledge to kickstart the business that you’ve been dreaming of, no matter what your bank account looks like.

Learn more about getting finance for your business here. 

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

In this first episode of the podcast, I had the great honour of sitting with the co-founder of Navig8Biz and arguably one of the most successful (and loveliest) businesswomen in the country, Joanne Brooks. She explains what every entrepreneur needs to know.

“Your WHY should be the thing that wakes you up in the morning. It’s when you feel so inherently passionate about the product you’re delivering, whether that’s making incredible coffee or writing life-changing business courses.” ~ Joanne Brooks.

Joanne built a financial education company from zero to 30 million in a speedy 18 months. And this is only one of the mind-blowing accomplishments of her exciting life.

How is this relevant to the average entrepreneur? In this podcast, Joanne describes her entrepreneurial journey in detail. Edging on the uncomfortable, she discusses the nitty gritty of business, that so many others have glossed over. In this way, she gives us the insider knowledge on how to build a business from the ground up, and turn it into an overnight success through many hardworking, gut-wrenching and sleepless nights.

Join Joanne on “one heck of a ride” and learn all of her tricks on how to get your business off the ground. If you’re in the start up phase of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll want to grab a notepad and pen for this one!