Work-life Balance is Bullsh*t

Work-life Balance: a buzz term that suggests work and life are separate entities; that one must clock off from ‘work’ and then enjoy ‘life’ as an individual matter and the two must never coincide…READ MORE 

How Subtle Communication Can Transform Your Life

He once hosted an event where he sat on the floor while the audience sat on chairs around him.
Known for his expertise in human subtleties, Allan Parker is a renowned behavioural scientist and master negotiator. In our most fascinating podcast interview yet, Allan explains how our daily subtle movements and interactions can forge meaningful relationships and impact high-level negotiations…..  READ MORE 

Don’t Bother Meeting With Investors Until You Do This

In our most riveting podcast episode yet, this chat with Co-founder of Amber, Aleksandar Svetski, will pull you out of the dark ages and into the future of money and currency. Not for the faint-hearted, this conversation will forever change the way you value your own time and skills and how they have been traded for centuries….  READ MORE 

Why Every Entrepreneur
Needs a Personal Brand.

When we think of personal branding, most of us think of it as something saved for influencers, actresses or someone with something to say. Some of us prefer to stay in the shadows, thinking that if we talk about ourselves on a public platform it might come off as less than humble….  READ MORE 

Why Company Values Matter.

In this inspiring podcast episode, Mags Bell invites you to look intensely at your own personal core values and how these are lived throughout your company. She explains why company values matter and exactly how you can unearth and implement them…..

How to Start a Business With No Money

This week on the podcast, we delve into the hardship of business startup with the founders of Black Wolf Consultancy, a recruitment firm who is shaking up the industry. They describe the early startup days with no filter, and give us advice on how to start a business with no money. …..  READ MORE 

What Every Founder Needs to Know.

In this first episode of the podcast, I had the great honour of sitting with the co-founder of Navig8Biz and arguably one of the most successful (and loveliest) businesswomen in the country, Joanne Brooks. She explains what every entrepreneur needs to know. …..