In March 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Navig8Biz released their first free live online masterclass: ‘How to Pivot Your Business During COVID-19′. This masterclass ran for over eight weeks and saw over 1000 small business owners register to the online event. True to form, Navig8Biz was pivoting their own business – getting their workshops and masterclasses online – whilst delivering content at a time when business owners were desperate for support and advice. This masterclass was delivered as part of the Federal Government’s Small Business Digital Champions Project, and in partnership with the Small Business Association of Australia.

Due to the success of the first masterclass, Navig8Biz went on to create more webinars on key topics that business owners love to learn about. ‘Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy is All Wrong’ has been the most successful of all the masterclasses, overflowing capacity at every session. For ongoing support, we also offer ‘How to Sell When No-one is Buying’, ‘How to Recession-proof Your Business’ and ‘How to Be Next-level Productive’ on a bi-weekly basis.


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Create a Killer Brand

27th of April 7pm

Sorry, this masterclass is no longer available

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As part of the Small Business Digital Champions Initiative, we have joined up with the Small Business Association of Australia in an effort to feed out the most relevant, actionable and detailed masterclasses we can offer – and they all come to you absolutely free.

During this time, it is of paramount importance that we take care of one another. It has always been our mission to support businesses wherever we can, now more so than ever.

We understand that some of you are in desperate need of guidance. You are not alone; there’s some comfort in that.

This is why we are developing more free masterclasses every week as your survival guide during COVID-19; undoubtedly the biggest challenge that your business will ever face, but also a time for reflection, action and immense opportunity.

If you are currently in need of some advice without the overload of misinformation – or know someone who needs it – bunker in and watch from home. To view the videos, it’s as easy as downloading the free Zoom app to your phone or laptop.

You’ll feel informed, supported, reenergised and have a more positive mindset.

You’ll shift cloudy confusion into positive and sustainable ACTION. Simply click the links above.