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What is Biz Bootcamp?

In this 8-week hand-held coaching program, you’ll learn smart, simple yet effective strategies to boost your business, reach more people, make more money and have more impact. 

Each week you’ll receive specialised content to elevate your business, followed by a power-packed weekly workshop  with your Business Coaches, Nick and Joanne, including a Q&A session where all your business problems will be solved. 

This hand-held coaching can cost tens of thousands of dollars elsewhere. And it’s now available to you for nowhere near that price. 

With easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates and fun sheets , the Bootcamp is jam-packed with everything you need to build your business to extraordinary heights. 

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1. The Coveted 100-Day Planner
2. Productivity Masterclass
3. Better Business Better Life Book
4. Explanatory Mini Film

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What You'll Get

Exclusive Access to 8 x Power Packed Weekly Live Mentored Workshops

A Gift Delivered to Your Door Including:

**A Beautifully Packaged Workbook that will be a Hard Copy Blueprint for YOUR Business and Your Personal Accountability Partner

**A USB Toolkit Including 15 Business Templates So Your Numbers and Plans Are All Laid Out For You

Unlimited Daily Support, Learning and Tools

30 Minutes of Intense Group Coaching with Jo and Nick After Each Workshop

A Sustainably Profitable Business

A Decisive Marketing Strategy

A Solid Business Plan

The Chance to Transform Your Life

The Opportunity to Scale Your Business

The Chance to Transform Your Life

Build the Business You Were Born to Create

In just 8 weeks, you’re going to turn your business from stagnant to successful. 

We want to see you make more money, and do great things. We want to see your business thrive!

Whether you’re new in business or well-established, Biz Bootcamp will challenge you to grow to your full potential.

This is the support you’ve been waiting for.

Meet Your Coaches

nick headshot

Nick Barnsdall​

With 24 years of business ownership experience, Nick currently owns and directs 13 different companies, some of those self-founded, reaching an annual turnover of over $100m. His mission is to help you grow your business to its greatest potential, to give you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. Author of Better Business Better Life and Business Secrets: What Successful People Aren’t Telling You, you probably want to hear what he has to say. 

Joanne Brooks

Jo is a leading specialist in the field of business education, having founded and built her own startup from zero to 30m in only 18 months, and has been mentoring business owners for over 20 years, particularly in finance. She is regular speaker at business events across Australia, empowering women to reach their full potential in business.

In Biz Bootcamp You'll Learn:

• Why your business is more important than your product
• How to get from stagnant to growth
• Move into a business mindset
• How to position yourself in a crowded marketplace
• How building a profitable business IS possible
• Why you need to make over $200k revenue in order to survive – and how to do it
• The secret formula of every successful business
• Which business systems will make or break you
• How to take a holiday from your business
• The biggest mistakes you can make in business and how to avoid them
• Implement the three key ingredients that every successful business needs

8 Weeks of Transformative Business Regeneration. Here's the Line Up.

WEEK 1 | The Power of Mindset

  1. Determine the difference between passion and purpose 
  2. Unlock the 3 keys skills of every business owner
  3. Shatter every business myth you’ve ever been told
  4. Get a business mindset
  5. Discover the secret recipe of a soaring business
  6. Find time when you thought there was none

WEEK 2 | Know Where Your Business Is At

  1. Understand what’s happening right now in your business
  2. Assess your business model
  3. Unveil what you’re missing
  4. Learn to read the numbers
  5. Discover what’s weighing you down
  6. Learn how to fix it

WEEK 3 | Get Goals That Scare You

  1. Understand why goals matter
  2. Get goals that fuel you and your business 
  3. Reveal the true impact of your goals
  4. Get the future you want
  5. Define your exit strategy
  6. Think bigger

WEEK 4 | Find the Right People

  1. Learn to Filter the Noise
  2. Build a Mini Board of Directors
  3. Who is Your Mentor?
  4. Cultivate an Invested Team – Inside and Out

WEEK 5 | A New Era of Sales

  1. Get comfortable selling
  2. Learn why everyone is a salesperson 
  3. Unveil the sales opportunity that you’re missing 
  4. Stay aware (and ahead) of your competitors  
  5. Discover how to take market share 

WEEK 6 | Marketing that Sells 

  1. Know your point of difference
  2. Know your elevator pitch
  3. Learn the number one key to excellent marketing 
  4. Discover content creation hacks
  5. Implement systems that do the work for you
  6. Learn to communicate in a way that converts 

WEEK 7 | Bring Joy to Your Finances

  1. Money is Your Creative Medium
  2. How to Grow Money
  3. How and When to Raise Capital Funding 
  4. Building Your Budget and Forecast
  5. Maximise the Value of Your Business 

WEEK 8 | New Business, New You, Let’s Go!

  1. What You Need to Know 
  2. Listen to Your Business 
  3. All About Growth 
  4. Create a Thriving Company Culture
  5. Execution is Everything 
  6. The Future is in Your Hands  
  7. Maintain Momentum 

This Could Be You

Mato R
Read More
I had a very beneficial boot camp session with Nick. His willingness and commitment to help with knowledge of the business marketing strategies was indeed valuable. I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
Leanne P
Read More
Information packed today with Nick Barnsdall , amidst all the amazing information that was shared my take away for today was Nick’s passion and self motivation for life and business. Reminding myself why I am in business and because I absolutely love what I do its not hard to find passion and motivation. The giant leap from small to big business is my focus as I have outgrown playing small. Always very informative Nick thank youI would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
Jane A
Read More
Nick goes alright doesn’t he?! I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
Harvest P
Read More
Nick’s mentoring session was exactly what I needed. I’ve been in business for five years, and while we are turning a profit, I wanted to see growth. Nick had me thinking about my market positioning in a way I hadn’t considered. He also opened the door to new product lines, as well as guiding my marketing and branding strategies and developing a five-year plan.I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
John W
Read More
Nick’s knowledge and expertise covers sales, marketing, finance/funding as well as embracing overall business management. This workshop has certainly sharpened our focus in a number of areas, specifically growing our market and improving margins.
Darren B
Read More
A great team that are there for you on your journey, informative and knowledgeable! There are so many avenues of learning with different level of interaction, this helps with all level of business experience. I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.
Jaye B
Read More
I’ve just completed the Bootcamp and loved the information and easy-to-follow strategies Nick and Joanne provided. It has definitely made me think differently about my business and the areas I can improve and expand. Absolutely fantastic!I would highly recommend Navig8biz to anyone who’s having difficulties grasping all of the challenges that small business throws at you.

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