Week Seven: Bring Joy to Your Finances

Money is the only creative medium which you can use to bring joy and fulfilment in your life. Velocity of money, how much we make from our hard work or investments determines whether it will be enough for us or not?

Money is an important and necessary tool that can be used for many things. From building resources, companies or tools to generating revenue – money has the power! It always stays working tirelessly 24/7 365 days a year so you never have any excuse not use it as often as possible in your life because everything will fall into place when worked with this invaluable asset.

Money gives us freedom like no other commodity could ever do; The only thing holding people back from achieving success today might just simply stem off their lack of knowledge on how best utilise what they’ve been given.

You don’t have time to deal with all the complexities of your finances. 

Reach out to your accountant or bookkeeper! They’ll help you make sense of everything, provide guidance on how best prepare for upcoming years and beyond- all while keeping business operations running smoothly as possible.

Your Done for Your Tool Kit


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Business Planning Basics is the natural next step after Start up to Success. If you’re looking to write a solid business plan to bring on investors, gain capital, or for internal purposes to grow your business, BPB is the way to go.

A streaming service of on-the-go business coaching masterclasses and episodes to help you grow your business without distraction. Your mentor in your pocket. 

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