Week Five: A new Era of Sales

Sales isn’t just about convincing someone to do something. 

It’s also figuring out how they feel and what their needs are in order for you can get them on board with your idea or product so that when it comes time for the sale, everything will be set up perfectly for the close!

Sales, as it turns out, can be a lot simpler than we think. Almost every interaction with another human being falls under one or more categories related to sales–whether they are steering their behaviour/decision-making skills in order for them become positively inclined towards our company’s goals;  

Sales is a part of life, but if you really want to make an impact on people’s days and look for your talents then believe in what it is that makes YOU unique. 

People will pay premiums (sometimes much higher than expected) when they know the product or service being offered comes from someone who truly cares about their success just as much as yours!

Become the authority in your industry, be the leader. 

Be customer-centric, focusing more of yourself in what you do for them; bring value with every action by being different from competitors while still meeting their needs.

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