Week Four: Find the Right People

You might be thinking that your business is not as big of a deal, or it’s already been done. 

But you’d never know if there aren’t any numbers to back up what we say – so let’s take this opportunity for yours! 

We’ll show you how to research the market and create an actionable plan. This is not the time to rest on your laurels because you risk missing out when everyone else does. As one company said before us: “Knowing our share tells us how well-positioned ourselves are relative others.”

In order to be successful and continue growing, Apple needed more than just good products. They had a responsibility of knowing their market share back in 2007 which helped them become leaders today with innovative marketing decisions when we talk about raising overall sales for customers retention.

In this week we will explore how to determine the size of your market opportunity, who are the competitors you should notice, and what splice of the market is your opportunity.

Seizing your market share is a critical step to your business growth. 

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