It's a Wrap! It's been great

That’s a wrap! It’s been great to see the change you in and your business. We can’t wait to see the next transition phase for your business.
Let’s recap what we covered

  • Week 1: Mindset was a must to stay on top priority if want ultimate results with this program.
  •  Week 2: Know where your business is at. Without a clear picture of where your business is today, it’s difficult to make informed decisions about the future.
  • Week 3: Goal setting – Setting goals is a critical step in the process of building any type or size business. Make those big plans now: they might just be what’s needed
  • Week 4: You need a team around you, not down the track! From your financial advisor to legal support to IT or marketing – investigate getting those things handled ASAP so they don’t hold up progress in other areas.  The great news is you have your mentors in Joanne & Nick! 🙂
  • Week 5: A new era of Sales. Sales are not scary; we have all been selling since we were children. Refine your pitch and start talking about your business
  • Week 6: Marketing that Sells. Kick off your marketing activities with a bang! So now you know the size of this opportunity and can describe customers like they’re stuck-up on themselves – it’s time to go find some more people who might need what YOU sell.
  • Week 7: Money is a not a dirty word! It’s like the potter’s clay to a potter – your creative medium. Get familiar with the finance terminology and start seeing your money as joyful!
  • Week 8: You’ve now got all the component to your business plan – let’s put it together!
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