Why Navig8 Biz

Since its inception, Navig8 Biz has been focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The original co Founder’s, Nick Barnsdall and Joanne Brooks provided the guidance and support to over 10,000 businesses they needed to achieve success. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and know we have made a significant positive impact on these businesses to help them create thriving profitable businesses. 

In June 2022 we shifted our focus and so Navig8 Biz has refined its purpose to “Inspire Women.” 

We believe in the Power of Business.

We believe in the Power of Women. 

It is time to inspire transformation in the business ecosystem where female leaders re-awaken belief in self and their genius, to create a movement of equal recognition as the norm. 

I am Joanne Brooks, the CEO of Navig8 Biz. Drawing on my experience and expertise, I guide business owners to navigate the often murky waters of planning for their business exit strategy. I know how important it is to have a clear end goal in mind, right from the early stages of building a business.

Not only does it give a sense of direction, but it also helps create clarity and purpose for the business as a whole.

My approach is real and practical, focusing on guiding entrepreneurs toward creating a vision for their business that serves them long after they exit.

Our Promise

We ...

  • Our promise is to create connection and possibility
  • We help transform that feeling of invisibility into a sense of connection and empowerment.
  • We believe that every woman has the potential to make a real impact in her field.
  • energise rising professional women, offering them a foothold from which to rise with clarity and purpose to an unstoppable momentum.
  • enable professional women to reach their full potential through a connected and transformational community
  • enhance possibilities and create new ones, making a real and lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

Our Voice

Our Vision

  • Rising female leaders need a community of opportunity
  • A place of inspiration and transformation
  • A place of innovation and connection
  • A platform that empowers
  • Our clients rise
  • Inspire transformation in the business ecosystem where female leaders re-awaken belief in self and their genius, to create a movement of equal recognition as the norm.

Our Values

NURTURING | We’ve got your back
  • It is our purpose to guide you towards success, through a hand-held and supportive experience.
  • We take an authentic, no bullsh*t approach to discussing the nitty-gritty of business.
AUTHENTIC | We are in it with you
  • We are experienced professional women currently building other businesses. In this way, we practice what we preach. Our education is real and raw.
EXPERIENCED | We know our stuff
  • Our knowledge is based on over 25 years of experience. We want to share that knowledge with the world.
EMPATHETIC | We get it
  • We understand the chaos of juggling career and life alongside you with the voice of empathy.
INSPIRING | We are invested
  • We provide the tools to help our clients make informed choices, to live a life of success and clarity!
FUN | We celebrate
  • We keep it light-hearted. After all, this journey should be enjoyed and celebrated along the way!

Who is Joanne?

Joanne is a Thought Leader in Business Strategy. 

Having owned 15+ businesses over the last 20 years has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to build sustainable businesses. I am an experienced mentor, facilitator, and graduate of the School of Hard Knocks.

I’ve experienced great success, challenge, and business failure all of which have shown me new ways of thinking. 

My approach is real and authentic with a dash of humour.  My purpose is “Inspiring Women” – I believe in the power of women. I believe in the power of business.

I am passionate about supporting women in business to create the life they dream of with confidence, passion, and grit.

As a woman, it can be hard to break the glass ceiling. We can be hesitant to strive for better as it can feel impossible when we don’t believe we are there yet, or even good enough.

I am here to create a movement of equal recognition as the norm.

Joanne Brooks

Joanne Brooks