Navig8 Partnership with Ducere Global Business School

Up until recently, you could never have convinced me that undertaking a Master’s Degree was relevant to me as a business owner

Navig8 Biz are proud to announce a new partnership with Ducere Global Business School. 

“Up until recently, you could never have convinced me that undertaking a Master’s Degree was valid to me as the CEO and owner of Navig8 Biz, or any business for that matter, “said Joanne

“Excluding those professions that you need to hold a certain qualification to trade, I never felt an academic qualification vs the “rubber on the road” learning could be trumped!” 

And I continue to believe that the experience of business owners with the high and lows, wins, and challenges are an imperative learning vehicle, however, once I did my research on Ducere’s offer, spoke to numerous professionals and prospective clients, my mind has been fundamentally changed. 

I have known Mat Jacobson, the CEO and founder of Ducere for over 18 years and whilst this opportunity to partner with Ducere had presented itself previously, the timing, then, wasn’t right.  

My reason to partner with Ducere was simple

  • Ducere have collated and imbedded over 2500 video interviews with 250 global leaders from past Presidents & Prime Ministers, United Nations Leaders, leaders such as Lindsay Fox, and Julia Gillard. The list goes on, who wouldn’t want to hear these inspiring leaders’ stories and insights into business as part of the standard content of your MBA?
  • No assessment, but participating in real projects with global companies with an international cohort of students to implement the new skills into your business
  • Options to study with globally recognised Universities such as East London University to Torrens University here in Australia
  • Access to funding and substantial scholarships with starting price points as low as USD$9,000 to a max of USD$30,000 substantially lower than any existing Australian MBA. 

The deciding factor for me was the impact these MBA has on the business

  • Exposure to global leaders as mentors
  • Exposure to real projects in global companies
  • Ability to apply real learning to the business
  • Creating a global network for business expansion
  • Ability to complete within 18 months 
  • Financially accessible

This expansion of the Navg8 Biz offer simply makes sense for those who want to take drive business to the next level, build an international network and be recognised for their effort.


A driver for me (… Joanne) is the fact that whilst women make up more than 50% of the population, the shockingly low representation of women in business, particularly leadership roles, is unconscionable. It is this bias that will show a transformation of Navig8 Biz to focus on women in business – employed or self-employed. 

In today’s world where business acumen, creativity, and innovativeness shape the landscape of any business. Women with different backgrounds have proven time and time again that being a successful woman entrepreneur is possible.

Here are 8 things to live by to be a successful female leader. 

It starts with an idea 

The ability to transform that idea into a business is what sets everything in motion. So, explore. Be creative and innovative.


Put your idea into motion by hearing from Ducere’ Global Leaders with projects to show you how to turn your idea into a reality. 

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

By letting failure get the best of you, no matter how great your business idea is, you have already set your path to failure.

For only the bold and the risk takers can succeed in this highly competitive world. As such, you should never be afraid of trying.

Do not let your fear of failure come to mind.

Hear from the Global Leaders how they dealt with failure to reach the heady height of a global leader. 

You need iron-clad belief in self

In running a business, you will encounter ups and downs. From initial success to losses and other challenges, these things are all part of the business process.

No matter how rough the road is, you just must keep that faith and believe that despite the odds, you will make it through.

Hear from the Global Leaders how they dealt with that inner voice that at times can be distracting and believable. 

Connect with a global network of MBA students to share their experiences to support one another. 

Be independent

What we know is that you should never be afraid to have your own independence and the ability to pursue your passion and your business goals.

Equally important is to not do business on your own but surround yourself with people whose values, purpose and drivers align to yours.

Where better than the Ducere MBA alumni?

Work for a greater cause

Entrepreneurship is not just money, fame, and glory.

Many of the most successful women entrepreneurs today have impacted the world in positive ways as many of them work for a greater cause.

When you have your own business, you do not just make your own money.

You can provide employment for a lot of people and in your own ways, you can help your community and society through corporate social responsibility and other means. 

So tap back into why you started your business and what impact you want to leave this world. 

Ducere contributes a percentage of its income to the Ducere Foundation which contributes to education in Africa through its African Children’s Stories program. 

Success is about hard work

There is one thing that all successful women have in common. All of them have achieved success by working hard.

If you really want to make it big and succeed in your business venture, you should be ready to give it your all and get on with it.


No one succeeds by just thinking or daydreaming of something that they want to do.

Your Ducere MBA has been created by entrepreneur academics, with over 2,500 global leader interviews and backed up by real projects in global companies. 

Learn to adapt

In this highly competitive world where trends continue to change, you must always adapt to changing times.

Successful businesses continue to prosper and thrive since they know what the people need and what the market needs.

When you adapt to the necessities of time, your business can provide what the people are looking for.

Most likely you haven’t considered an MBA would be relevant to your business, and as we know innovation is key to business success. 

These innovative MBA‘s provide a learning experience like no other. 


Make excellence your norm. 


In everything that you do, successful women entrepreneurs always emphasize the importance of doing their best.

Whether you are in business or in any other field, to be successful you should never settle for mediocrity.

Excellence should be the norm.

Consider the competitive advantage you will gain by exposing your business to global leaders, industry projects relevant to your business, and a global network of like-minded business owners .. nothing but excellence!

In conclusion …

Navig8 and Ducere have partnered to offer an online MBA program that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Don’t let fear of failure or a lack of belief in yourself keep you from pursuing your dreams. Be independent and work for a greater cause; success will follow if you put in the hard work. 

And remember, excellence should be your norm. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

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