Why curiosity won’t Kill the Cat

Those who are curious and intelligent will do anything to get a better understanding of the world around them.

The struggle is real for those that have been conditioned into believing one idea, experience or environment as opposed with another– but there’s no need! You can choose how you learn and grow; your mind has limits on what they’re willing do without input from other sources.

Curiosity is a fire that shouldn’t be Put out. We all have it in us, even when we’re conditioned to think otherwise by society and our education systems.

Those with extraordinary abilities don’t allow themselves to get conditioned into thinking inside boxes! They continue learning new things constantly which makes them relevant among other contemporary thinkers while also making respected leaders.

Here are our tips, Tools, and Techniques to Create Your Curiosity

  • Focus on your strengths or craft.
  • Don’t stick to the norm if the facts tell you otherwise.
  • Question rationally. Be rebellious, if required.
  • Watch people
  • Visualise your goals
  • Get curious about what success looks and feels like for you
  • Check your head, heart and gut – notice the time at which you are most productive to leverage it effectively.
  • Write your goals down as though they have already been achieved
  • Journal regularly to capture your ideas.
  • Experiment
  • Learn
  • Share you ideas with others
  • Be unexpected
  • Synthesise your ideas. Mix and match them to apply practically.
  • Get into the practice of asking yourself “what if … “
  • Think big picture.
  • Experiment and explore the world unbiasedly.
  • Read books regularly.
  • Upskill yourself

Wild curiosity has led to the invention of lots, and advanced technology. Our growth as a civilisations is thanks in part due this wild trait we’re born with; everyone should nurture it!


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