Master the Mental Game

Master the Mental Game

The most crucial aspect in running any company is how you perceive it.

You shape your story about the business over time, which becomes a foundation for all future decisions. This narrative will either help or hurt us as we go along — it’s up to what assumptions are unchallenged within these narratives that drive our daily actions and reactions on everything unfolding before us

The brain is constantly looking for what’s wrong. Whether we want loose ends to continue piling up unresolved or if our ducks in a row, they’ll find something!

We’re human beings though – and as such have brains that are easily distracted by other things going on around us which can sometimes cause inaction.

We are our own worst enemies. We think the problems in this world start and end with other people when they begin within us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of focusing on what we want instead of doing anything productive. It seems like a quick fix, but it only leads us down an endless path where nothing gets better, and everything becomes more difficult than before because our focus was misplaced.

Tap back into your why, purpose and values

Your values are one of the most important assets in your business because they allow you to identify what is truly worth creating as a business – without them there can be no true foundational principles on which anything else depends.

Look deep within yourself and find what drives you. What is your why, or purest intention for starting this business in the first place? Has it changed, does it still inspire you, get you up in the morning?

Question the story in your head

You spend so much time thinking about what you should do, but 90% of the work is mental. It’s hard to decide when your mind has been filled with thoughts on every possible option available.

With all the areas of the business in need of mental processing prior to decision-making, your skills don’t matter beyond a certain threshold. The way in which you look at each area of your company drastically influences the actions that follow. You can’t decide without processing all aspects first, and this is where mental skills come into play – they’re essential.

The most successful people in business are always challenging themselves. As your company grows, so do the needs and opportunities that lie ahead of you.

By putting more responsibility on you and your leadership. What were the top three things you were focused on when you started or took over the business? Are they still relevant? Given the size and condition of your business now, what would the company benefit from the most by you focussing on it?

Put People First

Leaders must be committed to the growth and health of their teams without sacrificing either.

The calm, encouraging tone of voice that leaders use to talk about difficult topics is a key component in fostering resilience and motivation. Resilience allows teams the opportunity for growth while also providing emotional security during challenging times; it’s what leads people on your team toward achieving success even when faced with challenge.

The way to avoid complication is simple. You just must put people first and treat them like human beings, get the team’s opinion before making any decisions that will impact them. Ask everyone how they are doing every morning (even if it’s only “good”)

Not complicated at all!

Surround yourself with the right people

Your team is the most important part of your business.

Surround yourself with people who will make you stronger, not stagnant. Be humble enough to learn from them and give as much support in return; advisory boards are there for guidance but also hold us accountable, so we don’t get lost along the way – push each other past our comfort zones if need be!

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