How to Smash through the Glass Ceiling

It used to be that Australian entrepreneurship was the domain of men. Not anymore!

Now, women are not only competing with them but also dominating their own games and beating all expectations.

Australia currently ranks number 8 in the top ten countries seeing an increase in female entrepreneurship*. 

What’s particularly interesting is the reason for launching their business was driven by Innovation at a rate of 46% and Australia was the leader in this category.

They’re taking charge by excelling at what matters most: Creating wealth via their business so that they can Live Their Best Life yet. 

Why More Women Are Turning Their Dreams into Reality? Entrepreneurship have been around for centuries, so why are so many women choosing entrepreneurship over traditional career paths? 

To follow their passion

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, women have some unique traits that set them apart from the pack. 

They’re tender and nurturing which helps with managing people in the business as well understanding how their emotions can affect business decisions on behalf of all parties involved; they also know when something needs improvement or change because these qualities come naturally for most female entrepreneurs-especially those who are empathetic!


Though they might face many difficulties in running their business, being an entrepreneur gives them complete control and flexibility to take the necessary steps towards growth. 

Though it can be difficult at times with all its unique challenges, the opportunity to create your own path is compelling. 

Build from their full potential

It’s not about what you know but how much of it. Entrepreneurs build from their full potential, enabling them to implement skills and grow a business while also learning and innovating along the way. It builds a business that will make an impact on communities all over this world!

To be a leader in the true sense of the word

Leadership is about so much more than just leading people. It’s also an ability to influence others, find solutions and create change in the world around you.

To earn what they are worth

The slow pace of promotion is a major contributing factor to the increase in women becoming entrepreneurs.

To make an impact

To make a difference in the lives of others. 

To be proud that they’ve helped someone else succeed and flourish despite their own hardships, or because society needs them to do so as well!

Entrepreneurship is a human endeavour, and as such it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your business with the goal of helping others or seeking personal gain.  Whilst this blog is about the growth of female entrepreneurship, there is no bias towards male or female led businesses. 

What we have seen recently are entrepreneurs who want to start their own companies because they feel this will make them happy because they connect to their why, purpose and vision; driven by emotion more than anything else.

What’s stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur? 

If the thought of succeeding in business makes your palms sweaty and heart race, know that it is possible. 

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*  Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) for our percentage of female entrepreneurs 2019. 

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