Money Driven Vs Value Driven

Anyone can make money. That’s the easy part. What’s much harder is to contribute, to have a vision, to leave a legacy, to make an impact.

To do any of those things requires values. And that’s what I think we need more of in the world today – people who are driven by values, not just by money.

It’s your mindset that you need to flip from one of accumulation to contribution. There is many time we have been working with business owners who in realty are in the mindset of Employee.  Where your mindset?


  • Money Driven

  • Mindset of Accumulation

  • Brood over problems

  • Think inside the box

  • Looking to survive

  • Wants to stay with the pack

  • Saving for the next holiday


  • Value Driven

  • Mindset of Contribution

  • Find solutions in problems

  • Think outside the box

  • Looking to succeed

  • Stand out – be trailblazer

  • Creating goals that take their breath away

Running your own business is not easy.  There are many challenges involved in it.  You will encounter challenges from beginning to end. However, these challenges also present opportunities.

Learning how to see the open door rather than the closed one is essential for success. When you’re able to see the opportunity in every challenge, you open yourself up to a world of possibility. This contribution that you make can have a lasting impact and leave a Legacy.

So, don’t be discouraged by the challenges involved in running your own business.  Remember business ownership presents an opportunity for you to make a real contribution and create a vision for your life that will have a lasting impact.

Whilst money is an opportunity to make a difference, it’s when you understand that it also enables you to create something of value, to have an impact.

That’s why I’m more interested in working with people who are driven by values than by money. Because I know that they’re the ones who are going to change the world.

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