How To Create Impact with Goals

Did you know you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down?

There are usually three main things that prevent us from achieving our goals:

1. They are too vague – you’re not clear on what you want

2. You’re not connected to your goal on an emotional level.

3. They are not big enough; they don’t excite you.

Let’s start with the first one. Your goals need to be clear and well-defined. After all, how can you achieve something if you’re not even sure what it is?

For example

  • Goal – Help women in business
  • Revised clear goal – Mentor 1million women make an impact with their business to be financially independent within 5 years.

Your goals need to be connected to your values and passions. If you’re not motivated by your goals, you’re less likely to see them through. By keeping these factors in mind, you can set goals that will create lasting impact.

For Example

  • Goal – Help business owners build their business
  • Revised clear goal – Mentor 1million businesswomen to build a business that creates personal wealth and independence so that they make a positive impact on their business community.

A goal is only as good as its impact. And yet, so many people choose goals that are either too small to create any real change or are so large they get discouraged and give up before they even start.

The key is to not get caught up on how the goal will be obtained. That comes latter.  Choose a goal that is big enough to matter, that puts a fire in your belly and yes even a few butterflies.

For example

  • Goal – Help business owners build their business
  • Revised clear goal – 100 Locations globally providing access to industry mentors to 10 million businesswomen worldwide.

Finally write your goal.

Re-Read it. Does it pass the checklist below?

– It’s specific

– It gives you enough space and time to accomplish it

– It’s meaningful

If it fails any of the above, rewrite your goal so that it passes the checklist.

Next week we will discuss how to action your goals.

Are you feeling motivated to set some SMART goals yet?

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Until then, keep that goal setting mindset going strong and crush those targets.

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