How do you work through the pain?

Picture this, three people decide to go mountain climbing. They all arrive on time, get their gear in order and back packs ready.

Off they set.

Fairly soon Person1, starts complaining of sore feet and how heavy their backpack is. Person2 offers to take on part of their load and off they set again. Very soon Person1 continues to complain their feet are getting worse and back aching. Persons2 says “I’m fine” and Person 3 says “I need a quick rest and drink.

Very soon they set off again.

Not long much latter Person1 is in so much pain they choose to stope climbing set up camp and will see their colleagues the next day.

30 minutes later Person2, collapses on the ground and finally admits the pack is too heavy and will also set up camp and await Person3 to come back.

Person3 speaks to the guide, get some water and food, takes a rest and makes their way to the summit some hours later.

Person 1 – There’s lots of complaining, they give up quickly and obsess about the pain which only compounds the impact.

Person 2 – They believe that hard work putting their head down and pushing on is what is needed. At same time will take on more work which over time overwhelms them to the point that simple fail through exhaustion. They live in denial of pain which prevents them from accepting help.

Person 3 – They acknowledge the pain, review, adjust. They accept help and are willing to be guided as to the best approach.  They get to the summit

What is the lesson?

When in business, pain happens in the form of issues with suppliers, staff, product delivery, product development, marketing, sales, managing the money, cash flow – you name it, it comes at you often and regularly.

Don’t be the obsessed business owner, don’t be the head in the sand business owner, be the one who puts their hand up and asks for help.

Who can you draw on for this help?

  • Your mentor
  • Your professional advisor
  • Your partner
  • Your suppliers
  • People you trust you have the credibility to support and guide you.

So our question to you when you’re struggling how do you normally respond: –

❌ Do you obsess over the pain and give up quickly?

❌ Do you ignore it, struggle on for a while and then admit defeat?


✅ Do acknowledge and clarify the pain, adjust, seek assistance, and push through to the summit?

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