Are your marketing efforts fatigued?

The key here isn’t necessarily how long you’re active for, but rather which race do you want your business to be running in?

We all have a voice inside us, and customers are no different. You know when you’re reading something that makes your heart flutter or warmed by the words on paper? 

That’s how marketing should make customers feel! What really matters is whether those feeling come through in their message.

When most people think about marketing, they only focus on the adverts, posts, and the results. They don’t spend enough time working at the beginning or foundations of what needs to be done for your message or branding campaign plan to work effectively.

– Is there demand for your offer? 

– Is it priced to create sustainable profit?

– Do you deliver value?

– Is it packaged to appeal?

– What is the journey?

– and so on

We all know that brands are important. But did you also realise just how much they can impact the success of your business and marketing? 

Branding is one thing but making sure it’s done right and consistent to help set you apart from your competitors is another! 

So before marketing even starts – get to work on understanding how your brand should feel, as well what words/tone etc., to evoke those emotions within customers so when they see your logo or hear mention about “your company” there isn’t any hesitation whatsoever because everyone knows exactly where they belong.

The key to successful marketing is knowing who your customer is and what they want. 

Businesses that scatter-gun their marketing efforts may hit some targets but without clarity on an audience, you will be missing out on opportunities for better results.

In other words – know thy client well enough so as not only can you provide them with something valuable but also make sure there’s demand!

I want you to take a moment to think about your feelings towards the myriad of marketing emails that flood your inbox and the white noise that floods your social platforms which some might say is disturbing. 

Now think about that from your customers perspective, they are fatigued too. 

What to do you might ask? Do you drop your organic and paid posts – NO.  You need to add another element to your marketing efforts. 

I was speaking to Michael Haynes of Listen Innovate Grow where he shared a concept that I have applied over my many years in business, however he articulated it so well!

– Community 

Join business communicates that can support your growth and fill the gaps in your business. 

As an active member of business communities, the opportunity to Co-Create and Collaborate will present themselves.  

When you connect with other businesses whose target audience is the same as yours, don’t shy away thinking they might “steel your customers’, ask yourself, what if we joined forces and could provide even more value to our customers? 

The more connected you are to the business community, the easier it will be for your businesses’ growth. 

– Collaboration

Collaboration is the process of connecting your services with those from other businesses which provide higher value for customers.

By joining forces with other businesses that share similar goals and interests as yours in this ever-changing marketplace you can create an opportunity where you might not otherwise have had one on your own!

– Co-Creation 

Now consider taking it to the next level – is there an offer that you can create together bringing in your individual expertise to create an offer that currently doesn’t exist? Get creative!

Key Points

  1. The key to successful marketing is knowing who your customer is and what they want. 
  2. Well considered branding will set you apart from your competitors
  3. Community, collaboration and co-creation will multiply your marketing efforts

So here is a simple question:

What are you going to do different today?

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