Choice – Do Nothing Is Hard – Acting Now Is Powerful

It’s tempting to think of doing nothing as an option  😓

We all have moments where the choice seems hard, but, in reality, the lack of decision is the part that makes it hard.

It’s tempting to think of doing nothing as an option instead of acting and making things happen in your business – especially if you’re feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and lost!

But inaction has its consequences; sometimes people who choose to not act are left with even more problems than they started out having.

If there was ever time that choosing “now” is now and hey, it can’t much worse and hey, it might work!

It’s up to you to choose what you control.

We may not be in control of our circumstances and situations, but that doesn’t mean they’re beyond repair. The first step towards change starts with an open mind: instead of focusing so much on what’s wrong (or right), why don’t YOU start by looking at where YOU stand today?

Though it may seem like you are at the mercy of your circumstances, each day offers an opportunity for positive change. It is important not only that we recognise these moments as they happen but also act right away so as not to regret our wasted time later on down the line!

” I realised very early on in my career that if I didn’t like where I was at that moment – it was up to me to choose to make a change.” Jo Brooks commented recently

To blame others, political situations, global activities is not valid nor relevant. Those situations might have placed me where I am now, but the only person who can make my life or business better is me.

We’ve speaking to many business owners who are simply fatigued and overwhelmed by the last 2 years and question the value of what they do. We get it, however if you need something to change you need to act.

Here are some tips what action you can take today to grab a few quick wins. Small wins daily boost your attitude to the day, reignites the fire in your belly.


Connect with someone who has the skills you lack and fill those gaps. By connecting with knowledgeable individuals, you can acquire knowledge from them about things which might otherwise never come across your radar.

These people could be Mentors, new staff, contractors or even a business network.

Go on pick up the phone make the call!

Make the Call 

  • Call one of your customers ask them why they bought from you to in the first place – validate the value you offer.
  • You can also take the opportunity to share your product ideas – would they buy it, would they pay that price, what would they need?
  • You can use this technique to find out what makes the client tick and build on those points of strength in order get more business!


  • What skills do you need to improve – find a mentor, a program a guide to get yourself up to speed.
  • Make sure you are upskilling in an area of the business that you either can’t outsource or fill by staff.

Who do you need?

To continue from the point above – ring a recruiter as it might be more effective to outsource or fill a role so that frees you up on what you need to do on the business.


Review your expenses in the business, grab some quick financial wins by negotiating with your supplier to negotiate better terms.


  • What would the terms look like if I paid upfront?
  • What would the terms look like if I signed an exclusive contract?
  • What would the terms look like if I extended the term of our agreement – 1 year to 2 years for example

Do something today, take action to move forward. The last two years have been hard however doing nothing will only escalate that feeling.

Acting and moving forward is the ONLY action you need to make – it’s time.

So today we’re going out on a limb by asking one simple question:

What are YOU choosing?

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