Part 3 | Sales & the system Are Important – Here is Why

In this series of blogs, we will explore this concept over the next three weeks.  

Last week we covered the second and third the first of six important ingredients that ensures everybody can become great in sales.

The first three Ingreditents we shared was 

1.      Set meaningful targets

2. Belief in what you are doing & creating value for your customer

3. Know your customer

… here are ingreditents 4 through to 6  in this weeks episode,

4. Sharpen your skills

When it comes to making sales, you have one shot at capturing the customer’s attention and keeping their interest. To do this well requires a lot of practice—but like anything worthwhile in life, if we work hard enough at something then eventually good becomes great and vice versa!

How do you create interest, intrigue, connection, loyalty, aspiration or even scarcity? It is all in the way you speak out your business. 

When talking about your business, do you find yourself mumbling sheepishly or proudly?

You should be excited to share the story of how YOU are an integral part in helping people by solving their problems. Your mission IS for this world and if possible, build a tribe that comes along with you on your journey!

Practice your pitch, find your passion, be bold, be brave, be proud and honoured to serve the people. 

Get better about how your business helps others, especially if you cannot find something else that really matters to you. 

Passion is important in business, it is what gets you energised, focused, and determined in the face of adversity.

5. How to Close

Do not be afraid to ask for the sale. 

Is this what you are looking for? Will this solve your problem? Will this make you better? Will this save you time? Will this enable you to get on with the next thing?

Once you have established you have what the customer is looking for, look directly at the customer, ask them if you have met their requirements and if they answer yes, then ask how they would like to pay. 

6. After the sale

There’s no such thing as an end when it comes to sales, in many ways the beginning. This should be celebrated and used as inspiration for future successes! 

A simple question like “do you know anyone else who would benefit from this product/service?” is often not asked or even thought of; but can work wonders by nurturing multiple new leads to top up your prospects pipeline – never forget follow-up with customers once their sale has been made at periodic intervals so they continue being happy.

These simple actions are great ways of continuing to farm more sales from your previous successors.

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