Part 2 | Sales & the System Are Important – Here’s Why

In this series of blogs, we will explore this concept over the next three weeks.  

Last week we covered the first the first of six important ingredients that ensures everybody can become great in sales.

The first Ingreditent we share was 1. Set meaningful targets . here are ingreditent 2 and 3 in this weeks episode, 

2. Belief in what you are doing & creating value for your customer


But it is not only a process, it is also about matching your business to the market demand.

You need a strong belief that what you do will benefit your customer and make them feel better about themselves, which is why it’s essential for business owners like yourself not only put their heart into helping others but also believe wholeheartedly with every fiber of who they are- this way there’ll always be someone else willing enough to buy from YOU!

You can’t just want a sale for its own sake. You need to find the motivation behind your desire, and if it’s based on how much money you’ll make or what kind of commission rate is involved then that won’t be enough – no one likes someone who only has their interests in mind at all times!

Conviction and commitment are the key to success in any business. 

To be successful, you need unwavering dedication for your product or service as well as how it creates value with customers- this is something we can help foster!

Your business is about your customers, and selling is the pointy end of that. So, if you are the type of person that is uncomfortable, awkward, or too shy to talk to potential customers about your product or services, then the good news is we can change that in a heartbeat. Go back to your business model and look at how your business or product & services will change lives for your new customers.

When you are willing to put in the work and know with certainty that your customer will be grateful for what they receive, then speaking with them becomes much easier. It’s not about trickery or sneaky games; it means simply believing you’re doing right by those who purchase from us – which makes your job a whole lot more enjoyable!

3. Know your customer

The best relationships are built when you understand the person on the other end of the transaction. You must know your customer!

Who are they, what is their background, where are they from? Of course, every person is different, but most businesses will have a commonality, or some commonalities, in their customer base – customer type A, B & C.  

• Who are they? 

• What are their likes and dislikes? 

• How do they speak? 

• What other interests do they have

• Are they predominantly male or female? 

• What is the typical age range?

Once you identify these things, then it makes it easy to connect with your customer. What language to use, how do you speak to your customer, what questions do you ask, how do you ask these questions?

When you start to get know your customer and really care about their answers at the interaction, then it’s possible for relationships with them can be built quickly. Sales is all about building trust – so know your clients, show that they matter by caring for them!

Next week we jump into Part 3 of “Sales & the system Are Important – Here is Why”

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