Part 1 | Sales & the System Are Important – Here’s Why

Everyone needs sales but no one wants to do sales.

Sales is the unique skill that every business needs, yet many owners do not want to employ or actively participate in sales.

Employers often have a disdain for those with this job title and make jokes about how annoying it can be at times when faced by an especially difficult customer encounter!

Sales can make or break a company, so every employee should have this duty as part their job description. But many people don’t want to or shy away from active participation – they find themselves passing off duties instead with an under- appreciation towards how valuable these activities really are!

In this series of blogs, we will explore this concept over the next three weeks.

Sales provide the valuable revenue, and ultimately profit, that every business needs. So, lets learn to get good at it.

Here are the important ingredients that everybody can become great in sales.

1. Set meaningful targets

You can’t just aimlessly work your way to a target or goal. You need to set meaningful targets and get specific with what you want instead of wasting time on thoughts like “I hope this leads me closer towards my target.”

To set a sales target, you must first look at your total market opportunity. In the designated territory/location how many people purchase from us within one cycle.

That is; how many products are sold within your territory in total – not just how many you think are sold but how many are sold out there in the marketplace. I am talking about the broad market at a high level, what is the total opportunity out there in the marketplace?

First, start this is with a clean sheet of paper. Do not bring in any previous assumptions, thoughts, any of your biases. Go and find the statistics, download the market reports, do whatever is available in your industry to get those statistics on the total market opportunities.

Next, think about your competition. Who else is selling something like you? In any business, and particularly in sales, you need to be the expert in your industry. To be the expert you need to be looking at your competitors, what your they are doing, what they are offering and then benchmark yourself against other competitors out there in the marketplace.

With this information, you can set your marketing goals and benchmarks to achieve them. This is your new sales goal.

By following this process, you’ll be able to see which areas of your business need improvement and use that knowledge as a jumping off point for creating better products or services. You should also get an understanding on where your strengths lie in terms with what improvement you can implement in your sales process to highlight the benefits to your clients of your business, your product, and specifically against other market competitors.

You need a list of prospects that will help you achieve your target. It’s important not only how many sales are needed but also where they come from, so it is crucial for you to know who else can provide this service or product!

• Total market size XXX,

• target market share XX,

• to achieve this, I need to contact XXX prospects to get

• XX into your sales funnel to

• close a sale on XX customer

…. it is a process.

Next week we jump into Part 2 of “Sales & the system Are Important – Here is Why”

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