10 Ways to Support Small Business Right Now

It’s not far off to say that small business owners have been impacted more than anyone else by the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, especially in this recent wave. The most notable impact is unsurprisingly on small businesses who rely on foot traffic or in-person contact.

There are nearly 2.5 million small businesses in Australia, accounting for 97% of all Australian businesses (by employee size of less than 19 team members) so it’s fundamentally important that we, as Aussies, band together to elevate one another during this time.

While it’s largely necessary for our economy that we help a fellow business owner, there’s something truly unique about the small business community, and the affinity shared during a small business transaction of any kind.

In addition to the immediate and direct support that follows, you can also share a post on social media from a small business, sign up to their newsletter, or forward a shop link to a friend. 

There are so many ways we can secure the future of small business in this country, and globally. To follow, we’ve listed ten ways  consumers can support local and small businesses right now.

  1. Support innovation. If you see local businesses who are trying to adapt or stay open, look out for this and do your best to support them.
  2. Buy frequently. You may still be able to spend within your usual budget but disperse that by allocating small amounts more frequently. This helps dramatically with cash flow for small business.
  3. Be a good human. Smile, be polite, and show gratitude to your local and small business owner. They’re under an immense amount of pressure and stress right now.
  4. Offer insights. Talk to your local and small business owners and let them know what you like, when you buy, and why you buy certain products. All business owners should be asking this of their customers regularly, however, as customers, we can show empathy while also providing valuable feedback.
  5. Don’t penny pinch. As consumers, we are spending less in other areas such as overseas holidays. Divert that spending to a small business. Pay a little more for a superior quality, Australian-made or artisan-crafted product, rather than a cheap version from a department store.
  6. Check if your local stores deliver. Think outside of restaurants or cafes here. They may not have their doors open, but maybe your local florist, pet store, clothing boutique or gift shop can deliver to you. Give them a call or shoot them an email.
  7. Purchase gift cards from small businesses, so you can buy later when they’re open.
  8. Buying birthday presents? Go online and support a small business, rather than a retail giant.
  9. Go digital. Check whether your yoga teacher or music tutor is teaching online, or your financial planner or therapist is taking appointments via Zoom.
  10. Continue paying for services you typically subscribe to, such as your home cleaning service, gardener, or swimming teacher.

Please share this everywhere and let’s get the message out there on how to support your local or small business.

How have you supported a small business recently? We’d love to hear your ideas over on the Facebook NavigBiz Academy community. 

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