9 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Life Coach

Quite suddenly, it feels as though a third of your network has become a Life Coach. So, what brought on the Life Coach movement? And do you even need one? You may think you need a Life Coach because there’s something wrong with your life. Forgive me for highlighting the obvious, but of course there is. Life is not simple. We are never standing on one pinnacle of perfection. Life, by definition, consists of ebbs and flows. So, therein lies the first flaw of the Life Coaching business. Here are 9 reasons why you don’t need a Life Coach, and what you can do instead. 

  1. You want someone to wave a wand and fix your life. A Life Coach isn’t a fairy godmother – there’s no ballgown, horse and cart or prince waiting on the other side. Ultimately, you hold the wand in your own hand, and real change is up to you. 
  2. Life Coaches generally don’t have any previous experience in business ownership. If you’re after business advice, a Life Coach isn’t the solution. It may seem glaringly obvious, but for business coaching, you’ll need a Business Coach who has had decades of proven experience in running successful businesses. They’ve forged the road before you. They can provide advice, support and guidance that comes from a place of empathy but also has data, knowledge and depth behind it. The business coaching we provide at Navig8Biz has helped thousands of businesses already – join the tribe!
  3. A Life Coach may be a dead end. Typically, a Life Coach is someone who will dig deep within your soul to resolve and reveal who you want to be. This is all well and good if you’re feeling extremely lost and need some direction when it comes to career goals, life purpose and lasting love. However, if you want actionable steps to get you there, you may discover that a Life Coach is a dead end for you.
  4. A Life Coach is not a therapist. Rather, they are usually someone who has transformed their own life and started their own business (life coaching). This may not place them in good stead to provide you with the tools and clinical support you are searching for. If you’re dealing with insomnia, anxiety, depression or any other mental health challenges and side effects, then a professional therapist will be better armed to serve you. 
  5. A Life Coach is a broad term. Want to lose weight? Focus on the steps that you need to get you there. Want to start a business? Get professional business advice. If you’d like to improve certain areas in your life, then it’s important to focus solely on those areas. Think of a Life Coach as a GP – perhaps you’d prefer to see a Specialist. If you want specific answers, then talk to someone who specialises in that field. 
  6. You feel like your business has flatlined. If your business isn’t where it used to be, then it’s telling you something and you need to listen. The market has changed. Your customers are either cheating on you with another company – which they’re entitled to do – or they don’t resonate with your brand or business model anymore. You can learn more about this in Accelerate which will help you reach more people and pivot your business to suit the market.
  7. Life is not perfect. As mentioned in the introduction of this article, life consists of ups and downs. It’s what makes it beautiful and unique to you. When we are constantly searching for perfection and happiness, we miss the opportunity to learn from mistakes and setbacks. Instead of fighting the problems that life throws at you, can you be more in tune with their lessons? Listen to the lesson and move on.  
  8. A Life Coach will exhaust your precious time. You’re going to get slapped in the face by this one. But I’m going to make it short and sweet because a Life Coach will drag this message out for months: Delete anything that isn’t serving you. Stop wasting time on endless gossip, social media, news and tv show binges. With all this new time up your sleeve, you’ll have a better chance of reaching your goals.
  9. Look at mentors and emulate their habits. I am fortunate enough to have had many mentors and coaches throughout my lifetime who have enabled me to achieve what I have done so far. I have built multimillion-dollar businesses in my life. So, now I look to understand the habits, skills and traits of those who have built multibillion-dollar empires. So, when selecting a coach or mentor in any specific area, make sure they have done it all before you. 

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