6 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Human-ing is hard. Add business ownership to that and it can more than a struggle. We know how demanding it can be. You forget to exercise – heck, you even forget to eat and shower and go to the bathroom! 

I believe that burnout (physically, mentally or emotionally) is one of the biggest issues that business owners face. My tip? Organise your life so you can get on top of your health and put yourself FIRST. Only then, can you take care of your business. 

To follow, we’ve listed six ways to avoid burnout. So, what exactly is burnout? Burnout appears in different forms, but it can arise as constant anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic illness, sickness, sadness, anger, irritability or feeling just plain “meh”.

Here are our top tips on how to get more done in less time, be a better human and, ultimately, avoid burnout.

  1. Stay connected. In a decentralised world, it’s easy to forget that our colleagues are human, not robots. Keep in contact with your team members and check in with one another. 
  2. Plan. Each night, use a day planner to outline what the following day is going to look like. This act of one-minute planning will have monumental affects on the flow and productivity of each day. Without a doubt, planning is my number one secret to my success. 
  3. Move your body. You know the benefits of movement – be sure to add this in to your planner so you don’t miss it. 
  4. Eat to fuel. What you eat has a HUGE impact on the way you feel, the way you think and the way you communicate. Make better choices to fuel your body and your mind. 
  5. Break it up. Work productively for 90 minutes and then take a ten-minute break from work. 
  6. Cull Distractions. Remove anything in your schedule that isn’t serving you. Always think to yourself – “What’s the ROI of the time I’m spending on XYZ?” ROI can be monetary, but I’m also referring to the return on investment into your health and wellbeing – the most important thing.

If nothing else, remember this:

Take care of you first, then take care of everyone else.  

And if you want a quick easy win to get your life on track immediately, start scheduling your days by the hour with the Navig8Biz 100-Day Planner. – our best-seller for good reason – it’s life-changing. 

Want to stress less and live more? Get on top of your life and your business, and enjoy the freedom that planning gives you. 

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