How to Stay Sane in Business

Staying sane as a business owner is TOUGH. Fellow business owners often ask how I cope with 13 companies. In these companies my involvement is all-in, rather than passive;  I am at the pointy end of sales and marketing, strategy, raising capital and recruitment.

The mindset and tenacity required to push through every day is on another level. Running one business is a lot of work, both physically and mentally. The challenges are vast, unpredictable and endless.

To stay sane in business ownership, I’ve realised over the years it’s the little things that add up to the big things. Living a life of routine has undeniably been the most influential part of my success. 

Here, I want to share those rituals with you so you can take back control in your business and your life.

  1. Waking up at the same time every day is so important as it sets your circadian rhythm. Try waking with or before the sunrise as it allows your body to wake up naturally and gradually. The Harvard Business Review reports that early risers are more active and productive. While it provides optimal brain function, it also allows you to take care of the most important things first. If you are looking for a simple edge to help you get ahead, wake up early at the same time every day.
  2. Make your bed. 
  3. Exercise on waking. The benefits go without saying. All business owners go through varying cycles of stress, and at times the stress levels can be immense. Find the type of exercise that works for you and resets your mental state. For me, I run for 45-60 min daily which provides me with mind clarity to solve big problems and tackle the day ahead.
  4. Diarise! Each morning I write down my goals in my Navig8Biz Day Planner. Avoid devices and distractions while you do this.
  5. Make breakfast. A piece of toast won’t cut it – fuel your body with nutrient-dense food to get your brain and body functioning at its best.
  6. Work for a set of structured hours. Allocate the most important and urgent tasks. Plan your days by the hour to maximise your time. Planning by the hour also allows you to visually see where time is being spent, so you can later decide whether and where to trim the (time) fat. 
  7. Plan your weeks. When running a company you’ll want to be clear to your team (and yourself) about which of your days are allocated to certain areas in the business. For example; Monday is your data day, Tuesday is your financials day, Wednesday is your PR day, Thursday is your product day, Friday is your people day. This way you won’t be wearing ten hats per day, and you can offer your full attention to every task without careless interruption. 
  8. Read everyday. Read a book that challenges and enhances your thinking, I try to read many books from many perspectives to offer all vantage points. In this way, I’m constantly learning. I enjoy reading about people who have the achieved milestones in their life that aspire to. I also listen to audio books whilst driving to save time. Importantly, as a business owner, you should be constantly educating yourself. Read an educational book, watch a masterclass, listen to a podcast or learn something new. 
  9. Delete Netflix and other time-wasters. If it isn’t moving you towards your goals or enhancing your life in some way, drop it!
  10. Drink more water! I always have a water bottle with me so 3 -5 litres a day is my usual intake.
  11. Focus on the macro. Always remember the big picture and don’t get caught up in minor details. Are your – and your team’s – tasks working towards the bigger goals?

Get the little things right so you can focus on the big things. 

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