Starting your own business is one of the scariest and most exciting things you will ever do!

Here are the first 30 steps broken down into a neat checklist; the ultimate checklist before starting your business. 

  1. Understand your WHY. Why are you doing this?
  2. Write down your BIG goals. What does success mean to you.
  3. Understand your unique selling propositions – what is different about your business? Write your USPs down.
  4. Ensure your product or service solves a problem. 
  5. Outline your personal strengths and weaknesses. 
  6. Get a business partner to fill the gaps.
  7. Know your exit strategy.
  8. Build a Brand Book.
  9. Research your competitors and market position. 
  10. Create a pricing strategy. Know your margins.
  11. Plan your budget.
  12. Open a separate business bank account. 
  13. Enlist help from a solicitor and accountant.
  14. Get a mentor.
  15. Assign responsibilities to co-founders. 
  16. Write a business plan
  17. Refine your pitch.
  18. Look into funding options if necessary. 
  19. Register your ABN.
  20. Register your business name.
  21. Secure your business domain name.
  22. Purchase any necessary licenses or patents. 
  23. Build your website. 
  24. Set up email addresses. 
  25. Have your logo designed by a graphic artist. 
  26. Set up social media assets. 
  27. Set up your invoicing.
  28. Create income as soon as possible – don’t wait for perfection. 
  29. Get a positive mindset – you WILL succeed! 
  30. Enrol in the Startup to Success workshop now!

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