How to Have a Successful Business Right Now

It’s no secret that businesses are struggling – the ‘FOR LEASE’ signs along your local shopping strip are enough to tell the tale.

However, some businesses have taken this pandemic as an opportunity and are absolutely running with it. How can you be one of them?

  1. Ramp up your advertising spend, because your competition has checked out.
  2. Increase your social media posts, because your audience is online more than ever before. Create more content than you ever have before!
  3. Think about your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and tell your audience about that over and over. If your USP no longer makes sense in today’s market, create a new one.
  4. Create something that will bring VALUE to people’s lives. Pivot your product or service to ensure it matters during and post-recession.
  5. If your audience isn’t buying, now is your opportunity to build your brand, and build a community around that, so they are ready to spend with YOU when they are ready to spend again.
  6. Choose your weapon – which platform best suits your audience? You can’t be everything to everyone. Do something and do it well. If you don’t know which platform to use, then try all of them and the audience insights will quickly tell you where they are at. On that note, try using Tik Tok, even if you don’t think it’s relevant for your business – make it relevant. If you think you’re too old for Tik Tok, remember the days when we all said that about Facebook and Instagram. Own your position on there before it’s too late to make an impact.
  7. Show and Tell what you’re doing – ie the live streaming of baking a cake, delivering a cheese board or sewing a face mask! People thrive on authenticity, because we’ve seen a facade in marketing for too many decades. And at the end of the day, your business is made up of people. Show yourself! If you’re camera shy, then either get over it, or find someone else to represent your business.
  8. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the pandemic in your marketing messaging – find the right balance of mentioning what’s happening at the moment, but be sure to keep it relevant to your audience. Ie nobody cares if you’re washing your hands 30 times a day or if your business is in the red. Relate to the consumer and what matters to them.
  9. Get a website checkout if you haven’t already – seriously. Business 101.
  10. You do you – don’t talk about wellness or medicine if you’re not an expert in those fields. #trump
  11. Deep dive into why your audience NEEDS you right now, and execute a campaign on that.

What are you doing in your business right now to not only survive, but thrive?



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