Why Company Values are Everything

In this inspiring podcast episode, Mags Bell invites you to look intensely at your own personal core values and how these are lived throughout your company. She explains why company values matter and exactly how you can unearth and implement them.

“I’ve worked with people running $300m companies and they don’t know their own personal values. When I ask them what their values are and they answer ‘ummmm’ I know immediately that they don’t have any idea what they stand for. If you’re misaligned, you get shit customers and shit employees,” says Mags.

She discusses the manifestation of living inauthentically, and how this can have a major impact on your health. Additionally, she tells us why the high-performing employees in your business are the ones to watch out for, and why leadership is not about leading people at all.

Mags also describes the three brains that each of us have within; the Heart Brain, Head Brain and Gut Brain. While many leaders tend to lean on one of these brains, Mags explores the importance of aligning all three.

Mags is a Director, Speaker and Elite Executive Coach for Creating Powerful Results. She is recognised globally as a thought leader in the coaching space, and speaks regularly on provocative topics such as What the Bleep is Coaching and The Silent Profit Eater.

Mags delivers profound insight with a bucketload of humour. This is a cracking good episode. It’s so good, you’ll listen to it twice.

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