Ten Businesses That Have Pivoted in Response to COVID-19

From fresh fruit box deliveries to at-home beauty kits, these businesses wasted no time creating new products and going virtual in response to Covid-19. With or without a pandemic, 2020 has only accelerated the measures that small to medium business would have taken in the years ahead. The truth is, if business owners ever had a desire to get into the hands of consumers worldwide, they are finally acting on that dream.

In this article, we reveal how ten businesses saw the crisis train coming and refused to run in the other direction. Instead, they jumped aboard. Here, they show us how a little creativity and a lot of optimism will, quite literally, get you everywhere.


Custard Canteen, the Gold Coast’s favourite cafe, has pivoted better than Tonya Harding on the ice circa 1991. The world’s best baked goods are now available Australia-wide. Additionally, these clever cookies have done a superb job at bringing fresh produce to the masses in high-speed time. On top of this, they’ve created beautiful at-home baking kits. To validate this pivot, Woolworths saw a higher demand in baking products last week than toilet paper.


This chef-hatted restaurant in the hills of Newrybar, near Byron Bay, is working hard to deliver organic vege boxes. There’s no reason to let COVID-19 take you down in a health crisis of your own when you can have boxes of fresh produce like this delivered to your door. You can even add sourdough bread, handmade pasta, organic eggs and COCKTAILS to your basket. If food is medicine, there’s never been a better time to eat well.

Harvest Newrybar


This company is only seven months young but when the going gets tough, Sahaja gets going. State of Sahaja has already created an abundant timetable of online classes for yogis (or anyone who wants to move their body at home). Additionally, Sahaja sells sustainable and ethical yoga mats online, and the quality is unmatched. The classes (and mats) are incredibly uplifting – exactly what we need right now.

state of Sahaja


Doll Face has built their entire business on in-store eyebrow waxing and threading services. During COVID-19, they’ve quickly morphed, delivering home kits to keep your brows in check. Avoid emerging from quarantine like Tom Hanks in Castaway, and grab your kit online.

Doll Face Brows


Pinot and Picasso, an art studio, have quickly swivelled on a dime by creating the Pinot and Picasso Art Box. Painting at home has never looked so good.


Here at Navig8Biz, the team has quickly pivoted by creating free COVID-19 Masterclasses, tackling all things business-related during this challenging time. As small to medium businesses grasp the current situation and desperately cling to everything they’ve ever worked for, these masterclasses are proving to be a buoy to those who need it most.


Over in the UK, Dyson is supporting the NHS by developing 10,000 ventilators. The product was designed specifically to meet the needs of Covid-19 patients. “Hospitals are the frontline in the war against COVID-19, where heroic doctors, nurses, and care workers are battling to save lives and help people recover from this terrible virus. Since I received a call from Boris Johnson ten days ago, we have refocused resources at Dyson, and worked with TTP, The Technology Partnership, to design and build an entirely new ventilator, The CoVent,” said James Dyson. Now that’s a pivot.



Merivale, the king of restaurants and events across Sydney, has done a most impressive pivot, creating their new website, Merivale At Home. Delivering fresh produce and exec chef dining to your home, not to mention the entire bottle shop, fine dining is now at your fingertips. Covid or no covid you still have to eat and, if you can’t go out, you might as well go all out at home.

Merivale at Home


A new service in place from the geniuses at Westfield, you can now order food from your favourite cafe, restaurant or fresh food retailer. Simply place the order online and drive through to collect. Breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted.

Westfield Direct


The living room is your new gym. Adapting the crisis, TS Fitness is moving their content online, and you can even book a personal consultation and trainer to help you stay on top of your fitness, because we all know how much it hurts to miss a week of exercise, let alone six months. A personal trainer from NYC in my own living room? Don’t mind if I do.

While the world may have been turned on its head, the possibilities are endless and an awakening of ingenuity has arrived. What product or service will you be delivering throughout and beyond COVID-19?

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