When it comes to smashing personal and professional goals, we’ve compiled a list of 12 ultimate tips so you can finally conquer your resolutions in 2020. You can do it! With our tips, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Let’s get resolute about our resolutions this year.


In the past, have you found yourself giving up or losing momentum when it comes to achieving your goals? Without discipline, all of your resolutions will be futile. Unfortunately, no one is born with discipline; it’s a skill that requires exercise and practice. There is no magic pill. You’ll need to strengthen your mind, create new habits, remove temptations and build physical pathways that make your goals easier to attain.


When writing your list of goals for 2020, give yourself the opportunity to connect with each goal on a deeper level. By unearthing the reason behind each of your ambitions, you discover what you really want, and in this process you solidify the goal. Once you understand why this resolution is so important to you, you’ll have every reason to achieve it. For me, if I don’t wake up at 4.30am to exercise, I won’t have the energy or health to get through the day and reach other goals. Remind yourself of your intention every day, and you’ll be able to go wherever your mind takes you.


Less than 40% of businesses make a profit. That is a staggering statistic! If your money is not right in your business it’s probably not right at home either, so it’s time to start spreadsheeting your income and expenses to get a clear picture of what’s going on. Conversely, if you haven’t started your business yet and you aren’t managing your money properly at home, then you’ll need to review your personal finances before you even consider going into business. Additionally, learn to Invest in yourself and your business. Savings are doing nothing for you. If you don’t spend it on one thing, you’ll spend it on another – you may as well spend it on something that is going to give you more money. If you want a better business and a better life, a business course is the perfect place to invest in yourself.


Giving back is one of the best goals you can have. It not only enriches others’ lives, it sparks feelings of happiness within ourselves. What are you goals in your community? Can you increase what you can give on a regular basis? At a business level, if you can get your company to grow to the point where it can give back, then you can align with a charity and work together to raise funds and awareness. This collaboration will not only have an ethical impact, it will increase the capacity for your business to reach a wider audience.


Connecting with staff, suppliers and customers should be one of your major goals this year. Business is all about people. Write some simple objectives about the way you interact with others and how you can strengthen those relationships. Additionally, surround yourself with people who will lift you up, teach you life skills or who are likely to raise your IQ. These people will be fuel sources for you so you can be the best version of yourself.


Get some HUGE goals for yourself, your friends, family, business and community. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually a super easy resolution. The simple act of writing these goals allows them to manifest. How could they ever be realised if you don’t even know what they are? Write your goal then edit it to make it bigger. How big can you go? There’s nothing stopping you from achieving anything, if you want it badly enough.


How do you use your 168 hours per week? Decide what your goals are, then reverse-engineer them, by making a clear plan. Create a timeline, work backwards and add in every step of the way. It is really difficult to achieve anything worthwhile over your lifetime without a plan. As an example, anyone can be a father of a child, but how do you become an exceptional dad? Create some big goals to get there.


Sitting and writing in my day planner everyday has been LIFE-CHANGING. I’ve always been an avid planner, using my digital calendar every day. However, carving out the time to write goals every morning with a pen and paper is so much more powerful. They could include your daily goals as well as your annual resolutions. This process etches your goals into your brain, and you’re far more likely to achieve them.


A healthy mind cannot coexist in an unhealthy body. Ensure to have your annual GP checkup in January. If you’re not in your best physical shape, you simply won’t get the best out of your brain. I eat masses of greens every morning, because I use food as a source of energy and I want my brain to function at its highest capacity each day. A piece of toast and a swipe of peanut butter isn’t going to fuel me. Dr Chatterjee talks about his Four Pillar Plan, which prioritises sleep, relaxation, food and movement. It’s the best health plan I’ve come across to getting the most out of life.


When it comes to achieving goals, the best way to get there is to get the hardest tasks out of the way first. You know – the ones you are dreading but you know they NEED to be done. Once you tick those off the list, the rest of the day/year is a breeze.


This a super easy resolution! For me, my mentors are Grant Cardone, Elon Musk and my dad. If you don’t have a mentor already, make it a goal to get one. In order to smash 2020 and have success, you’ll need someone who inspires you, coaches you or who you aspire to be. You’ll look up to them and seek advice from them. They could be someone you don’t know but follow on social media. Your mentor might be an author; read all their books! Additionally, you might look to a family member or friend to guide you in the right direction. On top of that, you may also need a business mentor to refine your skills and elevate your business.


Deciding that you want to be a mentor is a driving force in itself. As a mentor to my own children, I instinctively want to inspire them to be healthy, kind, active and successful, by virtue of my actions. There is nothing more powerful than helping someone else to automatically lift your own game.

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