Do Entrepreneurs Need Personal Branding?

When we think of personal branding, most of us think of it as something saved for influencers, actresses or someone with something to say. Some of us prefer to stay in the shadows, thinking that if we talk about ourselves on a public platform it might come off as less than humble.

However, in this week’s chat on the podcast, we learn that personal branding is for everyone – especially those who are running their own business. We find out why it’s so important to create your own brand, and how it can act as a segue to your business and your income.

But just how are we supposed to build a personal brand from nothing? Why would anyone want to listen to our expertise? How do we construct our thoughts into something that’s worth saying? Which are the best platforms on which to share these thoughts?

This week, I met with the amazing Jane Anderson of Jane Anderson Speaks. You could say she’s somewhat of a rockstar in the speaking world, so this was a pretty exciting and inspiring interview. Jane has been working with CEOs and Executives nationally and internationally for the better part of the last two decades to build their personal brands.

Ten years ago, Jane had a massive shift in her personal life –  a time that may have appeared dismal to anyone else. Instead of engaging in self-pity, Jane saw this as an opportunity for major growth. She reframed it as a pathway to expansion and for the first time, instead of only building the notoriety of others, she stepped out of her comfort zone to finally build her own personal brand.

Jane opens up about how she lived on Vegemite sandwiches, how she overcame her fear of public speaking and how LinkedIn changed her life. She digs deep into how we can align passion with purpose, why it’s so important to leave a legacy and why the best investment is the one we make in ourselves.

Jane has received Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Nominations for the past three years, as well as Stevie Awards Coach of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

This is an incredible conversation on why every entrepreneur needs a personal brand. I really enjoyed listening to Jane, a true expert on brand building. I have no doubt you’ll walk away inspired by this episode – to finally put yourself out there.


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